Fragment of the Fighting Spirit

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    • Weapon can give you from 5 to 8 but its rng (75 ancient stones and 6 keberium). I usually was getting less than 1 fragment per keberium from crafting weapons so I have started crafting the smallest parts like rings, belts, boots etc. Those parts always give you 2 fragments. Im also selling ancient noble parts to vendor (noble version give more kinah than the normal ones and the value is higher than the cost of crafting it) - but its kinda easy to reach weekly sale limit if you are crafting a lot.
    • Because its worth to sell noble weapons or risk upgrading them to legendary noble people craft weapons but you also have 5,6,7,8 (4 variables) when extracting.

      Where as Wings and chest piece craft for less but also their variable is only 3 which in the long run you will get more fighting spirit, unless you are a lucky person.