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    Everyday when I do my dailes I encounter tons of bots near the city killing the quest mobs. i.e "Shy Mosbear" quest for the daily tokken. There are constantly 3 bots hunting nonstop ( :nothingtoseehere: ) and more but I was to pissed to write down more names. I play this game since the very beginning. there have been always bots, but at least can you focus your efforts to hold the quest areas clean ?????????? Legit players want to make their dailes not loosing more time than we already invest in this game because of bots like these. btw I reported them various weeks and absolutely NOTHING happens. :nothingtoseehere: !!!

    Naming and shaming
  • Dear,

    please use the Aion support Ticket system to report bots, even if you said nothing changes, you can be sure that every ticket is taken into consideration.

    It require time to check everything, so keep on going with official Tickets.

    This is not the correct place to report this kind of abusing, because GM`s cannot consider or take action using post like yours.

    Please also remember that as per our Community Guidelines Naming and Shaming is forbidden.


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