changing voice pack in windows 10 probleme

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  • changing voice pack in windows 10 probleme

    hello guys.
    recently i got bored of the english sounds so i decided to try changing it to korean or japanese. but i heard that japanese voicepack need a special luncher to work so i choose to go the easy way and i picked up the korean sounds from the main folder of the game. and after i renamed the eu sounds folder and put korean sounds instead of it with the name (sounds) . istart to get a 500mb download when ever i lunch the game from steam luncher (gameforge luncher) . so i looked up for a solution so i found another way to lunch the game it is the (.bat) luncher . i tried every single way to make it work but it didn't the cmd keeps poping every where with insane speed. i have a windows 10 64bit and i hope that i can get help from here..
  • normaly is not tolerated to change the voice pack you can see on this post
    Korean voicepack legal?
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    As you know, the T&Cs are specific on this point:

    Using client software

    Gameforge grants the user a non-exclusive (simple) right, limited to the duration of the user agreement, for offers whose use requires the prior
    installation of client software, allowing the installation and use of client software. Reproduction of the client software by the user will only be authorized insofar as the contractually compliant use of the software requires it. Any form of commercial use of the software is prohibited. A modification of the client software, a conversion of the codes delivered from the program into other forms of code
    (decompilation), as well as any other form of reconstitution of the various stages of software manufacture (reverse engineering) are prohibited insofar as they are not necessary to obtain the required
    information allowing interoperability between the client software and the other programs, where interoperability cannot be achieved in any other way, in particular by Gameforge, where the corresponding data are exclusively intended to create interoperability and where these actions
    can only be performed by the user himself.

    The user is prohibited from carrying out any form of intervention for the purpose of manipulating the online game. In particular, the user is not authorised to take measures, use mechanisms or software likely to disrupt the functioning and progress of the game. The user must refrain from taking measures that could lead to an unreasonable and excessive burden of technical capacities. The user is prohibited from blocking,
    overwriting or modifying any content created by Gameforge, or interfering in any way with the game that disrupts its progress.

    A player will not be magically banned overnight for customer modification. A player will always be warned by the game support that he
    does not comply with the TOU if, for example, he has modified the game client to install a voice pack.

    Even if fuzziness and tolerance were the norm for a long time on the European version at the forum level, this is no longer the case, because
    there is a very simple truth that must be applied by Gameforge: the respect of license rights.

    We cannot allow players to use voice packs linked to versions for which Gameforge has no rights. A voice, font, etc. package is linked to rights
    between the publisher and the developer of its market.
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