Glad pve

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    • We already discussed that in your last thread ( Gladiot Pve Rotation ) and unless you play on DW with one old weapon weaving has no significant importance. Some do it, some others don't, but there are no comparable results that provide you with a definite answer to this.

      Furthermore it's difficult to discuss something if there's no information about why you don't consider your damage as "really good". After all Gladiator isn't the strongest class and for example compared to a Sorcerer with the same gear you might look ridiculous - no matter what you do.
    • I have 13,8k attack, 13,4k accuracy and 4k crit without a chanter and I usually do ~8mln dmg in ~5min with ulti pvp pole fused with nara weapon. A sorc or sm can do ~13mln in the same time xD I often have to switch to defence prep and tount from time to time if I want to take agrro from sorc/ranger.
    • paparepas wrote:

      7-8kk dps
      That's damage and not dps. DPS is based on the time you require to kill a boss, therefore your allover damage can vary quite a lot depending on your party. Even the setup might make a huge difference etc.

      However, to analyse possible issues it's best to have a damage file showing your skills and your rotation.

      paparepas wrote:

      promentus even though i have pve ultimate pole with 13.300 att 12.550 acc and 2.770 crit
      Accuracy is fine, Atk is ok - but Atk is also a matter of PvE Atk cause they have the same importance.
      Did you identify atk/crit/accu on your accessories? (if Legendary+) Do you have all the useful daeva skills? (Vow of Charge, Absorb Bloodlust)
      In case of ultimate gear you can use manastones too, but I wouldn't use them on lower gear.

      I have double your crit, but I think my more or less geared characters have similar stats in regards of crit, so it should be ok to some extend.
    • paparepas wrote:

      only deavenion skills i dont have is the 2 buffs
      well VoC is the most important one and it'll increase your damage quite a bit. However, an approximate iDPS of 22.000 in your case isn't that much indeed, but mine was similar when I started doing Prometun in October with Legendary stuff (on DW though). The more gear and Deavaskills I got, the better it became.
      And you mustn't forget that's it's enough to succeed in the end.

      Furthermore some people only count in Raging Prigga depending on the DPSmeter or count in the adds as well - therefore the results may differ as well. Regarding anything else it might depend on stuff like
      • your rotation (in some rare cases I've seen absurd rotation causing the gladiator to deal no dmg, but that's mostly when someone confuses PvE with PvP)
      • the chanter's daeva skills
      • your transformation
      • shards always active?
      • Absorb Bloodlust used on CD?
      • do you priorize the high DPS skills over the worthless ones?
      • do you have AoEs ready for the adds?
      • does your setup contain supportive classes such as SM or bard?
      • is your overall performance fine? (no lags? no ping spikes?)
      • etc
    • yeah i friend told me i should do at least 10kk + my rotation is bloodlust first then all my strong skills then the small ones ping is average 90-120 fps is like 15 my transform was until today aquan today i got cat(finally) also i made the red greatsword(makarna) yesterday i was using red pole(makarna)
    • paparepas wrote:

      yeah i friend told me i should do at least 10kk +
      that would be around 33k in 5min. However, it makes a great difference whether you only count in Prigga or the adds as well.

      Everything else leads to the conclusions that the basis isn't that good either. Perhaps your friend compares you to gladiators with VoC etc, it's hard to tell, but unless you are very slow the damage should be fine no matter what.
      I currently deal around 10kk dmg on Prigga only within 4-4,5min which is around 40k DPS (around 50k if I count the adds too), but I have about 32% Crit, 14.500 Atk+2400 PvE Atk, VoC and a chanter with an atk speed skill (no other support though) which should be above average. :|