Announcement A brand-new forum to be all reunited!

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    • A brand-new forum to be all reunited!

      As most of you already know, we currently have 6 Aion forums (English, French, Spanish, Polish, German and Italian). Since quite some time, we were considering reuniting everyone under the same banner as it doesn’t really make sense to separate all of you on individual forums. This will also be the opportunity to switch to a more recent version of the forums.

      Unfortunately, we can’t just transfer old forums to the new one, which means your accounts won’t be transferred and you will have to register a new account there.

      Our new Aion forum is almost ready and a link will be provided next week so that you can sign-up. The new forum will be accessible on 12.02.

      Even though it will be one forum now, it will still be organized per language and all 6 languages will have their own sub-forum in there. Good news is that with one forum account you’ll be able to participate to all sub-forums.

      The old forums will remain visible until 26.03 but will be switched to read only on 12.02.If you want to copy guides, or some of your message/threads or such things, please do so within this time frame. The old forums will be completely inaccessible and shutdown on 26.03.

      Thank you for your understanding and see you on our new forum for more adventures!

      The AION Team.
    • Please be aware that this forum is not active anymore. Please register to our brand new Aion Forum here.

      This forum will stay in “read only” mode until 26.03.2019 and will be closed then. Please don’t forget to save content that you would like to keep until this date.

      See you on our New forum!