Question about farming

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    • Question about farming

      Hello everyone,

      You see, I'm new here. I just started a day ago and have no clue how to farm for kinah. Do you kill mobs and sell the drops to a merchant in town? or how do I go about that? Another thing I wanna ask is about gears. So, leveling is useless if you don't have a good gear right? ( not totally useless, I mean you have to meet a gear's level cap, I'm assuming). This is a gear based game right? I do't see any builds anywhere, like agi, str, int that sort of stuff you see in a typical MMO. So going back, I have to farm Kinah to afford a good gear, but how do I farm correctly. I've been living off with selling drops from mobs.

      Any insight would be appreciated. Cheers! :thumbsup:
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    • From level 1 to 80 you just keep levelling and doing campaigns and putting on the items the quests give you.

      Once you're at 80, you solo Mirash's Refuge and duo Garden of Knowledge(GoK) untill you have enough gear to solo GoK. Doing 4 GoK's and Mirash's Refuge's per week will give you 12 million kinah and 12 gold items that you can sell at a vendor at an NPC for a nice price.

      Offensive wise:
      physical/magical attack = Damage (amount of damage)
      Accuracy/magical accuracy = Accuracy (chance to hit target)
      Crit strike/spell = Chance to "crit" damage which makes you do a lot more damage.

      At first focus on accuracy and attack. In Endgame also take crit into consideration.