Introduction: Amrit

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    • Introduction: Amrit

      Ah well, even though I've just joined the bunch, I suppose I'll add a little introduction in here.

      So, hello, I'm Amrit! Still getting used to being around here.
      I actually just joined because I was a Velvetino fangirl...or something like that!
      Or I just felt like being under Velvets wrath...or just to add another girl to the team, whatever! :D

      Anyway, in Aion life, I suppose I'm one of those hardcore players.
      I began playing at the very first beta. Sadly enough I first was on Elyos side.
      But quickly I decided to ditch that and play Asmo whenever my companion wasn't on.
      Not a month later it was only 'asmo asmo' for me and Elyos side was totally lost (together with ma man :p).

      I got 8 chars at the moment, though only a few 55's and some between 30-50...And then like 4 around 10...I just felt like making them! I do plan on levelling them all at some point!

      I do have an Elyos char that i gotten to 37 on another account but I actually forgotten all about that since F2P...Still just prefer Asmo!

      Ah well, I suppose I like to stick to my high level's and gear them up...I think most preferred class is at the moment cleric.

      My chars are nowhere based on the new servers, so I'm totally loyal to my current one and will never ever move!

      Now out of the Aion life, bit of my real life.

      I'm 24 years old, having a pretty relaxed life. Sometimes I got quite some time on my hands when inspiration is low. So I got a lot of time to spy on you all!

      I'm an artistic person, I kind of do everything. Photography, drawing, music, you name it, it is my life. But yes, kind of silent if you have no requests going on or things go slow. Artistic world is kind of a pain in the bum.

      Other than that, I'm an animal person, I think I live more for animals than for people.
      So yea, I used to have uber daily routines but since I moved I only took my cat with me...And got fishes now!
      Left heaps of cats, dogs, birds, chickens, pidgeons, etc, at home...I even safe mice if my parents tried to drawn them to keep them away from our chicken coop :s (yup, that bad!).

      I also love to go horseriding on shiny days if possible, even though I don't own any, I have brilliant friends who 'lend' me one, haha. So it kinda feels like my own one.
      Otherwise that I'm not really a sporty person. >< ...Far from actually!

      D'uh, what else...I suppose I'm not the typical girly-girl.
      I hate pink and skirts and all that frilly stuff.
      Instead give me leather jackets and some combat boots and I am ready to go :D
      Also massive gamer and geek so you can guess how I can be like I suppose, LOL!
      I tend to like reading too, but only if it is English.
      Of movies I like fantasy the most...I hate Twilight, sparkle vampires, WTF?!
      Music: Soundtracks, metal, alternative rock/metal, or the melodic stuff, classical, etc...Pretty much anything
      And I live the nightlife! ...More like, not partying, but, going sleep late, sleeping in late :D

      Well, that is it I suppose.
      Not sure if there is anything else interesting to add.

      :cookieshugo: anyone?

      Wielder of the mighty Spankathron 2000!!!
    • Hi! And welcome on forums :3 You volunteered on a really hard job, but I think you will realize this fast. However, we need ppl like you. Where are you from?