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      • Your pinkie should always be on Shift. Your thumb should always be on Alt.
      • The most important actions should be bound to easiest to reach buttons. Such a destun and pots on Q and E.
      • Combinations with Ctrl should only be used for non-critical actions due to time lost when moving pinkie from Shift to Ctrl.
      • Combinations with 2 and Z should only be used for skills which you can't use while moving, due to the fact that you have to leave W to press them with middle finger.
      • An empty skillbar can be used for a MMORPG gaming mouse keybinds. Depending on the amount of buttons on the mouse, you can bind anywhere from 12 (Razer Naga Hex + Alt) to 36+ (Razer Naga + Alt + Shift) key combinations on mouse alone. In that case you can get rid of harder to reach keys, such as combinations with 5, T, G, V.
      • If you get tired by using Shift with your pinkie, then stop being a sissy and train your finger more. Or bind Shift to a mouse button and stay a sissy.
      • This is just an example of what I would say is the most optimal keybind layout. If you think certain layout suits you better, then go ahead and use that one. Here's a PSD file if you want to make something better and post it here.

      Also, for left-handed people:

      For this paricular screenshots, the keys to the right of P are [ and ]. The keys to the right of L are ; ' \. The keys to the right of M are , . /
      You will be using [ ; ' \ instead of W A S D.

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    • Nice post! I'd like to add that it's mostly about ppls hand size and hand positioning what they should use. The layout and the importance of close keybinds are almost the same though.

      I'm playing a cleric as a main so my skillbar is always filled with macros, consumables and buffs so here's few tips to make your life easier. For me ctrl + numbers are good for changing skillbar pages, where I usually have some keybinds for gear or buff/consumable macros. Also is good to use more skillbar pages for different stigma builds to make your life easier. ALWAYS arrange your skillbar. Although u have keybinds for your skills, doesn't mean u can't rearrange your skills on your skillbar. When u move buffs, shields, self heals closer to each others, u spend less time on watching what u have left for next fight instead of eyeballing your skillbar all the way through. Move these important buffs closer to middle of your screen wether it's normal skillbar or movable one. Movable quickbars are good for consumables and stigma skills that you are using all the time because if u need to change skillbar page, those movable ones stay as they are. It's handy to manually just turn pages for consumables to get arena potions to replace normal ones. No need to drag consumables every single time u do arenas!

      I prefer letters close to WASD for basic skills. I leave potions, remove shock and some basic shields for mouse. Shift + numbers are logical and useful for switching target numbers (1-6). I'm using pretty basic G400s mouse with just 5 extra buttons and a wheel but still have 24 keybinds only on mouse. Naga or similar mouse is not a necessity, sometimes simpler is just better. Shift, ctrl and alt are useful for choosing different skill chains, but keep in mind that holding shift will block your movement, if u are used to rotate camera with mouse as u move.