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    • Please re- think this. You are going by players logged in and not how many of each faction, meaning a very unbalanced server full of elyos.

      I will repeat you need to look at faction splits more and not just expect your players to pay for transfers.

      Awful and lazy.
    • Unlogical argument. Every server has more Elyos than Asmodians, with the one exception of Nexus which has a few more Asmodians.
      How do you expect to merge 1 Asmodian dominated server with 11(?) Elyos dominated and end up with all perfectly balanced servers?
      That's right, you can't.
    • you may think these mergers are the best thing since sliced bread, i do not.

      they didnt even try to look.

      But what the hell. I don't want these merges , and you game forge till you die peeps can say whatever you want.

      The trolls are getting a bit old and dated.
    • So you enjoy playing in a dead server, just PvE-ing? Well then why care about merges, you'll still be able to PvE all day, but now with more people. Or not, your choice. But if you don't come with constructive feedback then you are the troll, not me or GameForge.
    • I think the real problem is the timing. Theyre doing merges of these servers shortly after the implimention of 4.8: a patch thats heavily forcing pvp based activity again. Zerg v zerg doesnt work and I can see this backfiring without some sort of countermeasures for the asmodian side. Otherwise long term itll end up Telenachos 2.0 by next year.
    • hello guyz

      i think merges will bring a bit of life on servers even if is going to have its complications, ups and downs but in the end look at the bright side u will no longer walk around in a deserted areas, lfg is going to be more crowded probably some spaghetti :D language to but that's a minor think. broker will have more stuff due to the increased number of players and much much more...
      yes its unfair for some including me losing stuff acquired over hard work but i hope new patch +merger will turn things around..
    • Zerg vs Zerg... only PvE heroes complain about this. Atleast something will be happening in the open world instead of them being dead like they are now.
      I'm glad we're getting more PvP in open world back in this game cuz that's kinda the only place where you can get pure PvP, even the shitty "PvP" instances like JMR, KB, SWBB and Runatorium are just PvE instances, ninja camps to win, kill mobs or bosses to win just lol.
    • Hynao wrote:

      I'm glad we're getting more PvP in open world back in this game cuz that's kinda the only place where you can get pure PvP

      who said we're getting more pvp? wait until new patch is out, and for few weeks to pass
      4.7 was pretty fun at first, but then pve hoes realized there's nothing to do in those new maps, and never appeared there anymore except for daily and occasional invasion zerging. everything became even more dead.
      the very same thing will happen with 4.8, if there's no real ceram/kinah/ap/etc motivation for people to be in pvp zones
    • This whole server merge is a load of crap to my opinion. I have to play shift-f12 now at a lot of places, something i never had to except at sieges. I lost rank and therefor the possibility to augment my gear (i got crap gear for "compensation") So the way i see it Gameforge is the only one gaining here since they now have less servers to maintain and im only losing my grafics (because of shift-f12 ^^ ), rank and gear...
      I think they focus on the wrong things. There should have been a ely block at least a year ago...
      I stopped playing for now, i think with the next patch ill check to see whats going on. After that we'll see. :)