Aion 3.0 - 4.8 | The Last Goodbye

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    • Really nice video. ;(

      Ahhh Sarpan / Tia, so much things to remember , they sure had their moment of glory as endgame maps in past, at least until 4.0. I will always have a soft spot for sarpan, because that map was the only reason (Urugugu tribe nest ;) ) i became a high ranker and gain my first xform in the first place, at the very past when ranks were still calculated with AP.
      And about tia, i was actively-often participating on it's sieges till the very end, mostly by habbit rather than mihtrils / eye / TF entry.
      Even though they had became wastelands and a bit "useless" maps at the current state of the game, i'm really gonna miss them.

      Katalam on the other hand "died" young, and i really think this was aion's biggest mistake ever. It's like... improving a version after another version, try make something nicer, and fixing all the previous mistakes, only to delete all this work at the end by replacing it with an outdate gameplay style (rifting).
      Legend of the Kaisinel Temple
    • Aion : The Last Goodbye - Extended Cut

      Hi everyone!
      You did not maybe expect it, but here's the "sequel" of "The Last Goodbye".
      There were a lot of scenes that i didn't use in the last video, and i think it would be a lot more profitable to share them with you.

      Aion : The Last Goodbye - Extended Cut


      Hope you enjoy it! :love: