Returning player: End game questions

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    • Returning player: End game questions

      Hey everyone,

      Next week I'll try to make a comback and try to understand all the new things that have happened in the last couple of years.
      I have played a bit in these last years but I have no idea what has really been going on in changes to instances, gear, sieges,...

      To get me into the good direction there are already a few things I'd like to ask:

      1. What classes are the better PVP'ers these days?

      2. If looking for pure DPS, which classes are top then?
      Cleric still among them?

      3. I have seen that ap gear can now be sold/ traded (even on auction house).
      What pvp gear is the one we are aiming for now and what do u need to get them?
      Still ap + some kind of medals? (or the arena set?)

      4. Are there still other (PVE or PVP) sets worth to collect? (like with ancient coin?)
      Which are they and where do u pick up the quests to farm the coins?

      5. Which instances are most important these days and what gear can u find in them?

      6. I saw castles from ingi and gelk have been removed and there used to be another frequent siege (where u had to capture 2/4 forts to get access to the middle part) but I forgot the name. Are there still sieges where ppl fight for and make like 100 vs 100 fights? Or are those days over?

      7. I used to craft alot of serums/ potions but the last I saw were superior (and now u even have a better one?) potions and serums.
      The cost of crafting those better pots were so ridiculously high that it was just not worth crafting them.
      Is it more profitable again to buy aether and morph materials to craft things like serums, potions and scrolls again?

      Thanks in advance for any question u could clear out for me :)
    • Welcome back.

      1. Whatever you can play

      2. Its like always - Sorc, Sin > everyone else. And yes, clerics are doing really good dps.

      3. All High Daeva equipment is tradeable now - the best is 75 level one. You can find them in Marchutan Priory

      4. Aim for ancient coins mythical gear. Pretty good and you can run all instances with it without any issues

      5. Dont think we have any important instance at the moment.

      6. We have now only Abyss (Mon, Wed and Fri) and Kaldor (Tue and Thur). Saturday is Panagea, which s pretty much ruled by the germans and Sunday is day off from sieges

      7. We have new crafting system now - Magical craft. You can craft with that one whatever you want - pots, gear, pets, mounts.

      Hope this helps
    • Thanks for the response!

      4. The myth ancient coin set is level 75?
      Are there new rep quests for the ancient coins, where do I get them?

      5. If there are no important instances, what does endgame exist of? :s (just the sieges?)

      7. with magical craft u need to lvl it again and master it etc?
      Like u used to do with alchemy and cooking etc.
    • 4. The Rune hero gear (ancient coin gear) is level 70 mythical and can be bought on the broker or morphed ingame from the old ancient coin gear. It's pretty good because it has offensive stats in conditioning.

      5. Rift of oblivion is a solo instance where you get quite a bit of EXP. And there are instances like the abyss fort instances for manastones, Steel wall bastion for AP and ceranium medals, and several instances for gear to sell/extract like elemental lab, ... (All of these will make sense when you start playing again)

      Note that although all 66+ gear is tradable don't forget that if you fail an enchantment the item will break and you will get some materials and enchantment powder in return. And if you wear Lv 75 gear at level 66 you will get severe penalties.

      Welcome back, I hope you enjoy the current state of the game. The levelling is quite a grind at the moment but you can just take your time and save kinah in the meanwhile for the extra items that are now in the game (Feather, enchantable wings, bracelet)
    • Myth ancient coin set is 70. You are making it from the 65 eternal ancient coin gear via morph. When you made it it will be +5 and can be enchanted to +10 if you want (or more if you feel lucky). With High Daeva gear you can wear anything at any level, you will just have some stat reduction if you are not the corresponding level. Main sources for AC are Rift of oblivion and Baruna which you can do daily. Also there are weekly quests in Upper abyss which you can take from Tokanu/Magus

      Well the end game is pvp, sieges and leveling. Farming mobs, doing instances mainly for exp and to sell/use the crafting mats and gear (everything can break during the enchant, so I prefer to sell the gear). You can level your craft but its a pain. You can grind for the new medals as well

      Yes you have to level the new craft. Its up to level 300 and depending of which level you are you can craft various things. There is no expert/master levels. You dont need any quests to do or a crafting table. You can open and craft stuff everywhere. Its very slow and very expensive.

      Its worth of reading all the patch notes since you left the game. It will help you understand how Aion changed, what was implemented and what was removed