For All Asmodians (Telemachus, Curatus and Spartalos)

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    • For All Asmodians (Telemachus, Curatus and Spartalos)

      Hello everyone,

      It's sad that the merge has been delayed, but soon (I hope), it will happen.
      I'm an Asmodian from Telemachus and I would like to warm my future Asmodian fellows about the situation in my server right now.

      There is a really huge sea of Elyos here, they have numbers to take forts, defend their forts and take Mastarius, all at same time. I can't/won't mention names but I want you to know what is going on, so once we are all together, noone will fall prey to "shady deals", which will utterly destroy Asmodian side and make the new server an etenal PVE Land vs Balaur for Elyos.

      We're very few and unfortunatly we're not united...there are 2 teams in the same faction that don't play together...and one of them seems to help Elyos, only a blind person won't see that.

      I don't know what is happening in your realms, but I want to encourage you that once the merge happens, please let's unite and play as one faction.
      Please let's stay together once the merge happens!

      We can succeed together and fight back, and I'm looking forward to play with all of you and heal your wounds!
      Thank you for your attention,

      Walk in the Azphel's Shadow ^^ .

      P.S. Please poke me if you need a healer, have in mind as well, I'm in shift +f12 sometimes :) .