Returning Chanter - Please help

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    • Returning Chanter - Please help

      Hello, i;m coming back to the game for the first time since 2012/2013. Lots has changed, I am trying to do a lot of reading.

      However i'm confused about the skills and gear. I cant remeber all the names of my skills and old builds. I see lots have been removed. Also here is my gear:
      It was okay gear I think I used to fight all the time no real problems. Do I need to change much?
      Can you have the same number of stigmas skills as before? Lots of my skills say I cannot use until I equip melee weapon but I think this is bug as I have one already. Looking at my hotbar, can you see any problems?

      Also what does start account mean, I have bought many goldpacks in my time.

      Thank you.
    • In (4.7,) 4.8 a lot of skills have changed and the stigmas got an overhaul. Every character can slot a total of 6 stigmas now. While you can equip less stigmas, a lot of previous stigmas got turned into skills and some skills got merged. Take for example Promise of Wind/Earth, they got merged into 1 skill and the same goes for the different buffs. Chanters no longer have mantras that are also stigmas as they got merged and turned into skills. Regarding your gear, it's sufficient to start with but you might want to up your offensive stats for damage; 3k accuracy, 1k crit when buffed.

      Every account created after Aion went Free-to-Play when GameForge took over, is a starter account. Regardless of the amount of Gold Packs you've bought it the past, it will remain to have a starter status when Gold Packs run out. To gain a (temporary) veteran status, you can assign more Gold Pack which you can buy in the store or from other players.

      - Kabraxis