Server Names!

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    • Server Names!

      Hello everyone!
      I'd like to let you know that from today 18:00 CET and til Monday 06:00 CET an ingame survey will be available for you in the game about the names of the newly merged servers.

      You can choose between a selection of 5 possible names and of course the name that will get the most votes, will be the one chosen for the server it was meant for.

      I'm giving you here a list of ALL ALL names for ALL ALL servers, since I know we host more than just EN players =)

      For Telemachus + Spatalos + Curatus you can choose between:
      • Deyla
      • Edita
      • Fregion
      • Grendal
      • Padmarashka
      For Perento + Nexus + Zubaba you can choose between:

      • Antriksha
      • Erephe
      • Kasaka
      • Marchutan
      • Lavirintos
      For Anuhart + Alquima you can choose between:

      • Aegir
      • Elgar
      • Hellion
      • Lakhara
      • Mastarius
      For Vehalla + Balder + Kromede you can choose between:

      • Ereshkigal
      • Fasimedes
      • Hisui
      • Loki
      • Tribunus
      For Calindi + Suthran you can choose between:

      • Darfen
      • Garnon
      • Hyperion
      • Kalabar
      • Veille
      Have a great weekend =)
    • Hello everyone!

      As you all know, the previous weekend you had the opportunity to take part in our surveys in the game and vote for the new server names!

      Now, we've gathered all your votes and here are the results:
      • Vehalla + Balder + Kromede will be named Loki
      • Telemachus + Spatalos + Curatus will be named Deyla
      • Perento + Nexus + Zubaba will be named Antriksha
      • Anuhart + Alquima will be named Hellion
      • Calindi + Suthran will named Hyperion

      More information about the votes will follow next week on our website.