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    • Public Deyla Discord Server

      Hello Deylians,

      The Forums are a great place to share some ideas, posts or discuss something based on comments. It does get a bit annoying if there is spam because they aren't made for chatting (especially when stuff gets OFFTOPIC. So I've (or we) finally decided to release a Discord Channel that I had created a while back before the Server Names were announced.

      Discord is a "new" application that is STILL being developed but already released. It acts like a Teamspeak/Skype at the same time. You can chat in text rooms or voice channels as well as send private messages. The chat channels have a few awesome features as posting images, gifs and youtube videos. You can also attach files to your messages.

      Why Discord??? Because it's an awesome application that for sure is already in competition with other VoIP services. Their quality is beautiful and it's very simple to use. Anyone can create a server and it's 100% Free. You can decide wether you want to use it on web or download the application which has no impact on your computer performance.

      On top of that is Discord much more secure than Teamspeak. It also has DDoS protection on it. More and more popular guilds/gamers and streamers on Twitch use this program instead of Teamspeak because it is that great.

      It's 2016, so lets try something new and more convenient!
      I know some people dislike to adapt to new things but yeah, this DISCORD server is only for AION DEYLA.
      Everyone here is welcome! to join! (This should not act as an replacement for your current Legion VoIPs)

      Just go to -> to join!

      PSST! We are still looking for more moderators with experience with Discord.

      Let's have a more convenient way to chat with each other! :cookieshugo:

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