Screenshots freezes the game

    • Bug

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    • a little update

      Oki so I tried to move the screenshots and empty the screenshots folder and that did solve the problem temporarily.

      I too have started to get mini-freezes again as you described Click, the only imaging tool (or rather screenshot tool)
      I have installed is Lightshot.
      I will try and uninstall this for the time being and test a bit - watch this space :)
    • im using win+alt+print screen .i think its win 10 feature...not sure if older windows got that, but since most of ppls are on win10 anyway, feel free to use, its part of xbox app
      some settings under win+g window some other settings under xbox app settings
      btw win+alt+g for recording video

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    • It's because of the new interface to show screenies in the game.... it has happened since that came in....

      Want to sort it - press "Print Screen" when start the game and then no freezes afterwards :p

      Plodding along, plod plod plod..... what else is there on a server full of AP and HP traders...
    • What do you mean with "when start the game"?
      If I take a screenshot after logging in, I get the freeze, the next one is fine. If I switch map, integrated server or play an hour it happens to freeze my game again when taking a screenshot.

      Nowadays it doesn't even help anymore to empty the screenshot folder.
      Also emptying the other folder in the screenshot folder doesn't work.

      It's truly annoying when you want to capture a game moment, for example a kill in PvP, some midfight moment or anything and then you freeze for 20 seconds....

      This needs to be sorted out asap.
    • 2 same pc's except vga's (familys main gaming pcs)

      windows 7 64-bit
      i7, 8 gb ram, ssd (samsung pros no lower end ssd or hdd here)
      gaming at 1080p monitors with lowered details in maximized windows
      1st vga amd 5770 1gb vram
      2nd vga nvidia 9800gtx+ 512mb vram
      (i know crap gpus :( )
      fully updated drivers
      no anti-virus software in both pcs

      1st pc 957 screenshots at folder ( 2gb free space on ssd from the 256gb overall capacity)
      background proccess everything possible u can think of including 2 or 3 browsers open with flash videos 15+ tabs etc
      sometimes 2 aion clients
      2 screens attached (2nd monitor 1280x1024)

      pressin PrintScreen - no delay

      2nd pc 37 screenshots - ssd more than 180gb free - bare minimum software installed nothing funny running not even browser etc
      pressin PrintScreen - 2 to 5 seconds delay - client freezes and comes back after the delay

      so its either vram thingy or drivers related

      4 pcs (at work, other houses etc)
      old, lower end dual cores (3 intel c2d, 1 amd athlonx2)
      2gb rams/4gb rams
      1x ssd, 3x ancient hdds rest
      drivers not updated
      1x win xp, 2x win 7, 1x windows 10
      3 amd various models from 4650 to 6450 512mb to 2gb ram - no delay no matter ssd/hdd/ ram antivirus etc
      1 nvidia 9600gs 1gb ram - 2- 4 sec delay when i press print-screen

      finally a real beast pc intel 6core, 16gb ram, ssd (from a friend)
      windows 7 - 64bit
      anti-virus on
      500+ screenshots at folder
      nvidia gtx980 4gb vram - 1080p screen - game in window maximized
      drivers fully updated
      no delay when pressing printscreen button

      go figure now if its hdd / os / driver/ vram or something else related - that stupid 980 nvidia is braking my pattern...
      so something tells me older nvidias have a harder time to save image

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