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    • I always wanted to post all of our funny recruitment messages made along the years, so here you go and hopefully you like it. 90% we were high when we made them.

      You feel disappointment about being in an inactive Legion? Or perhaps even Legionless? Fret no longer! Sell your soul to [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] and we will gear you up faster than you can say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"

      Are you a farm maniac? Insomniac perhaps? Can you sustain yourself for days on gummibears and/or coffee alone? Your playtime is in the triple digits and you think today is Xmass? Join us in [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] we're right there with 'ya.

      Tripped? Fell? Had a wipe in an instance that wasn't your fault? For all your aggro-managment needs call the professionals. Our support staff is standing by to assist you. Join [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda]

      So you just wiped again and inspect the players around you, just to discover that they have lvl65 gear and none speaks ingrish? Why punish yourself any longer? Join [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda]

      You sleep during the day and game all night. You live off of pizza, beer, or equivalent nutritional nightmares. But you are a "Star Officer" and you do instances just for fun? Join [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] for perma 10% EXP BUFF!

      We are like a human Handgranade, we do @#$%load of DMG but we die in the process. The legion that wipes together, stays together! PS. We take our bio breaks seriously! Join [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] and get 10% perma EXP buff!

      Come join [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda]! We actually have a legion rule that one of our members must be ignored at all times for you to be allowed into the GoK line-ups! Hooray emotional abuse! Perma 10% EXP buff.

      Are you bored with not dying all the time? Then join [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] and find yourself so engrossed in legion chat that you'll be running off cliffs and pulling 20 mobs in no time! Recommended by 9 out of 10 Clerics. Perma 10% EXP buff.

      [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] asks: An electric train is traveling from Berlin to Paris at 150 KM/h, and the wind is blowing southwest at 30 KM/H. What is the driver's name? Join us to find it out!

      [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] has weathered Barrens chat, deathcoil, Chuck Norris, Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise and every iteration of the word “noob”. - Join us, and together we will rule the galaxy with perma 10% EXP buff!

      [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] is looking for Engineers and Physicians who like to solve difficult problems. Each night, @3AM they have to figure out the difference between a hooker and a priest. Multiple points of view accepted.

      [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] is an equal opportunity recruiter. We run diverse things that includes African-Americans, women, vodka and a couple of mentally unstable's. We have great time on daily basis starting from 4AM.

      Do you miss having fun in Aion? Need a legion that’s your friends, support group, mommy AND crazy uncle Larry all in one? Join [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] and see what you’re missing!

      [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] is family-friendly, alt-friendly, casual-friendly, and Chaos-friendly. Just because we worship a panda named Bob doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join up and serve with pride!

      MEN WANTED to our huge female community for Hazardous Journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in case of success! Join [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda]

      [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] is calling for all time travellers. For the passive aggressive ... Violence is not the answer. For those with a lot of patience... and I mean A LOT! Free candy, what else do you need to know? Language requirement: Drunk.

      You lost your virginity before 18, you got caught masturbating by your parents or maybe you failed GoK and now you want your sins to be forgiven? Well, [where:Save a Cow eat a Panda] does not forgive, but we give you the chance to do it again.

      Tired of being tossed aside due to being undergeared and being a shadow to bigger and better people? Ever wanted to know how to make a sandwich? Join [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] and unleash your inner nerd! Age requirement: Troll.

      From home to home, and heart to heart, from one legion to another. The warmth and joy of Christmas, brings us closer to Tequila! Join [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] and get u'r shots for free!

      Do you enjoy showering with other men, but feel the need to pick on sissies? You just might be perfect for [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda]. Join for epic midnight TS discussions ever that have nothing to do with Aion.

      [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] is looking for nemesis who loves conversation(by the day) and leans for honor, justice and vengeance(by the night). Seeking arch-enemy, possibly crimelord or deformed megalomaniac. Apply now!

      A legion with a simple plan: Do everything that is stupid. You must have an IQ of 300, two centuries of Aion and a track record of winning nobel prizes. Time machine and immortality drugs users not welcomed. Apply to [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda]

      Is your greatest weakness chocolate? The only unique thing about you is that you are a twin, but you would like to coordinate mental health prevention initiatives? Then join [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] Criminal record is a must!

      [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] seeks minions to sacrifice their lives in world domination attempt. Must be prepared to play 24/7 for fascicst psychopat lead. Messy death inevitable but laser death rays and karaokee nights provided.

      Do you ever get impulsively hysterical? [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] is recruiting crash test dummies. If you survive, we will be willingly let you have a second go while reviewd with expended guidance on weed, pizza and alcohol.

      Is your legion dying? Are your friends selling their accounts? Join [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] We are recruiting grape stompers, must have good balance and large feet, skinny people don't apply.

      [where:Save A Cow Eat A Panda] is now recruiting teamspeak seduction stress testers. Preferably a counseling pshychologist. REQ: Friendly, socially unacceptable, tirelessly talkative, spiritually intense. Knowledge of weed growing is a bonus!

      ...more to come, our dealer got arrested.
    • Dear Community,

      I have decided to stop playing Aion. It's time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I'd much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.

      I just wanted to take this moment to let you know how interesting it was playing with you guys and to say goodbye. It has been an honor playing with a wonderful community like you guys these past years. Thank you for your help and kindness. I wish you the best of luck and continued joy and fun wherever you may find yourself.

      Good community are the kind of people you can rely on, generally get along with, share a joke or two or a joint, and ask for help. You're guys are all of these things. No matter how small and unimportant what we are doing may seem, if we do it well, it may soon become the step that will lead us to better things.

      PS: The Facebook community(Save A Cow Eat A Panda) will stay active as far as I am playing online games, waiting for Mu 2 Legends or Last Ark to close their Closed Beta Testing. If everything goes well, we will meet in the same legion in one of the 2 games mentioned above.

      At this point, I wish you all the very best here at Aion. Once again, thank you for the inspiration and for bringing out the best in the game. Feel free to keep in touch with me from time to time.

      All the best!
      Arkadys AKA Gipsy King.