Fresh back from 3 year break and fresh 65 - gear advice

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    • Fresh back from 3 year break and fresh 65 - gear advice

      Hi ,
      i have a veteran account made a break in the game for 3 years now i'm back and managed to get from 55 to 65 in few days.
      I play the game mostly for the pvp so pve is just make abyss points or to get gold.
      my current gear is
      I wonder hat to go next back when i left the game was important to keep the hp around 10k so i stacked alot of hp. stoft cap i beleave was around 400.
      I wounder how the game is now and what should i point my self towars in short term i seen that most of the abyss gear for lvl 65 is realy expensive.
      i was wondering if its worth to go for arena gear firs then BM (that i assume is battle medal gear) don't know which one at this time...
    • well
      Firstly u shall buy BM accesory which are decent for pve/pvp how get BM this days? from Chaos Rift 1 box may give you 30 BM)
      AC are rly cheap this days so for pve start buy side parts

      Abyss isnt expensive since we got SWB if you make decent DPS u easy get abyss gear
      Or if you rich sometimes we got events and you get free staff to keep it you "just" need make max enchant of those item

      Rentus Base HM is rly easy u need spam it to get decent HAT and also Weapon but armor got 4 AC slots so its kind expensive

      Baruna give 12 BM per day and u can do just 1 key so is quick or go 7 for chance free plume
    • Thanks for the reply
      just some questions you mentione some things i don't know what they are, could you please tell-me what is
      SWB, chaos rift, AC, and baruna.

      As for the rest thanks, by your discription i would assume that drops are common this days because i never seen a weapon drop in this game ever since i started playing. (and started in this game 1 week after the launch).

      Again thanks for the reply.

      as for stigma builds (heavy damage one, dps one or mix) for pvp.
    • swb is steel wall bastion, 24man instance, dunno if they let u in undergeared
      baruna is solo instance, its quite easy, and u can select boss difficulty at end
      ac stands for ancient coins, currency for 65 eternal gear, which can be max +5, but base stats are already as +10, its pretty decent gear, untill u replace it later with mythical from instances, coins can be obtained from many places, or from broker