Elo/mmr system in Aion

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    • I think we do have this system Noctis, but very poorly implemented.
      Based on my experience:
      Instances have an 'entry-cycle' of approximately 30 seconds, this becomes really clear with arena entries at peak times.
      In this 30 seconds players are qued and matched based on their ranks they got from the system. This makes it more likely to be matched with opponents with a win-loss ratio close to yours. If three people apply for example, one noob and two skilled: Odds are very high the two skilled players get matched.
      The problem here is the short entry cycle; it works SOMEWHAT for discipline arenas at peak time. But the cycle is way too short and eu population way too low to show any decent results of this. If you apply this logic to kamar/swbb, which requires vast amount of players to fill, making up a relatively big portion of the playerbase, the system does not work in the slightest, rather randomly in fact.

      These are my observations and could very well be untrue.
    • It's hard for me to agree to that when kr streamers get 7/7 premades in coops, and sometimes lose almost all of them cuz it's rly hard/rng etc. (maybe not even smart to get this system in eu considering how salty eu community is xD)

      It sucks I can't link some related afreeca broadcasts cuz they get deleted so fast :c but rly, i've watched a lot during their 4.8/4.9 patches. at first I thought they just have no noobs there and everyone is just competitive/endgame geared/lowping good... After all, I understand no korean and I assume the game is exactly the same, just different publisher.

      But taru's explanation seems more likely. If I think about it, their coops do seem to take 2-3m+ to pop entry, vs our instant ones (think most of my coops pop in 10 sec max).

      I rly never noticed any difficulty pattern with coops in EU. You could get a premade, win - following 6 coops complete undergeared randoms. It just matches u with fastest apply.

      Whether we have it or not, it doesn't work the way it's supposed to..
    • That doesn't disprove my theory though. KR has a lot more players queuing at the same time, and maybe the cycles I mentioned in my previous post are handled differently in there. For example, they could have a threshold for ranking-match before allowing entry, or simply longer cycles.
      It wouldn't be unthinkable that they left this out for EU as it could mean even longer waiting times than we already have.
      Anyway, maybe you're right and I am trying to recognize a pattern where there isn't even one, but this is what I have found after testing my odds in the arena system to get proper fights (waiting at the entrance till some decent geared player from my faction applies, which gives me a 90% success rate of getting a decent opponent)
    • Cyan wrote:

      I am sure EU got the same matchmaking system as every other version since every region receives the same patches. Sometimes there are minor changes, but overall the content and the mechanics are the same. Additionally, I remember having read something about the introduction of an arena matchmaking system some years ago. Don't know which patch it was though.

      Yeah we have,its the system that matches rank 1 players who got to 65 2-3 weeks ago,against premade Commander+Governor PT that have been playing game for 3-4 years.And don't f*cking tell me that this is not true and this doesn't happen.I can make daily post from runatorium with screenshots of me (rank 1) getting up against star 5 or higher 9 out of 10 times.
    • The system MAY work only for 1v1 Arena.
      But how would it work in party? Will it calculate the average mmr of everyone in the team?
      There is an easier solution to have no impact on queue time: adjust ap / hp gain in relation to the strenght of the hopponents.
      Aphrodiiitee - Level 65 Deyla Asmo Bard
    • What a great Idea! Can't wait to do 9 coops to get 10hp since 95% of the coop teams we meet are randoms. This would make arenas just waste of time.

      @Noctis u would love to get ppl with as many remodels as u wouldn't u? But think about it for a sec. Would be really akward to lose to a grill that is only wearing a skin. Or actually you would probably just lose in purpose cause u fell in love with the enemys skin. And to be fair i dunno how many princesses are out there, so your queues might be pretty long :love:

      But tbh the only real solution I can think of is to adjust the system. Aion is getting really boring as it's just gearing after gearing but never meeting any kind of competition. Ppl lose motivation to gear up since u will not meet any competitive team in instances anyway. You literally need to grind the instance with the same team over and over again to be able to get good premade once in a full moon, but most of the ppl give up on hope and lose motivation. Ppl just don't bother doing these instances anymore. Always was a huge problem for aion and imo that is the main reason that aion is losing population to other games with elo systems. When u adjust the system, also hp gains will be more equal to everyone. Ppl will win and lose and get salty/achieve something. I wouldn't mind getting longer queues if we would get some challenge rather than just farming bots.
    • Whenever you enter any instance, there's an instance waiting timer. At this timer you can see something like Waiting timer 0:05 (max 5min).
      I think this was supposed to be the elo/mmr grouping system. (The system will try to find a suitable opponent for 5min. If no opponent group with close elo/mmr is found in this time, then it will group you with other nearest one).

      However, as you can see, there's something wrong with it. It will usually give you entry instantly, against any nabs that are in line.

      So it's highly likely that this timer is incorrectly configured. Maybe GF accidentally set it to 1s instead of 5min.
    • Its 2016 and this game still hasnt given players the option to form one group of elyos, one group of asmo and give the players ability to choose the instanced arena they want to have some fun in. No rewards, no time limit, just the ability to have some pvp fun with players and opponents of their choosing, in their own enclosed space free from mongoloids interrupting the pre-arranged duals and stuff. This game is so out of whack with the times and all the publisher wants to do is spam shugo every other month to get players to spend money on RNG.
    • I think aion is missing nice open world pvp and game balance in term of getting decent gear in reasonable time.

      Here is the situation we have-->

      1 - Ppl who play 25/8 or spending 100+ euro/week in game are having too much of an advantage against players who don't have alot of time and/or money to play the game,meaning their gear is stronger than their opponents(most of the time).
      If you have like normal rank 1 gear with abyss/kunax's accesories +2/3 and you go against officer with full +15 gear with s*4 accesories +5,you're done,toasted,melted whatever.There is no chance.

      2 - We lack open world made purely for PVP.What do we have today? Akaron with 50vs50 non-stop,signia and vengar that are mostly empty.

      We need something like tia eye,a place where ppl come for pvp,not a bunch of retarded officers looking to kill newbies who farming garrisons or going kata/runa.
    • Just remove the JMR/KB/Arena etc cooldowns and reduce the rewards to like 10 hp for a loss, 20 for a win, 2k ap for a loss and 5k ap for a win. Now you can farm and have fun at the same time. Works like a charm in other games but only Aion forces you to play everything at specific times.
    • Tia Eye was the biggest butthole of a PvP zone NC ever created. People were chasing each other 24/7 through wind streams into base guards, over 12'clock where the self claimed pros were waiting for lvl58 questing noobies, Zerg over Zerg pushing them self from one base to another while every 2 hours the same 10 xforms showed up to either finish their daily or go to TH.
    • May not be directly related but I cannot remember from where this was requested

      Arena of Discipline and Arena of Cooperation Ranking Event in Korea
      I do not recall whom or where exactly, but some players have requested frequently on the forum for some kind of in-game arena based event.
      Here's some info of the arena based event they held in Aion Korea just recently (well they say it's an event but they think it will be an on-going arena ranking system integration)

      Source: aion.power.plaync.com/wiki/%EC%98…%9D%B8%ED%8A%B8
      Event: aion.plaync.com/event/p2016/160323_heroPoints/
      Basically during the event span of one month (March 23 2016 - April 20 2016), each player that participates in Arena of Discpline and/or Arena of Cooperation is given "Hero Point" based on their performance. Based on the accumulated Hero Point, each player will be given reward on each Wednesday accordingly (Hero Point is updated everyday at 10:00, reward distributed on every Wednesday 14:00).

      You can login to your account on the event page to access information on your current standings. You have separate Hero Point for Arena of Discpline and Arena of Cooperation respectively. Here is an example (my favourite Korean Gladiator player): imgur.com/5JEikTQ. The information shown includes your current standings (ranking) among total players and within your class. So this particular Gladiator player within the screenshot for example ranked as #2 Arena of Discpline player (totally out of all Aion players in Korea) and #1 Arena of Discpline player (among all Gladiators in Korea) with 27 Wins and 8 Losses. He has 55,701 Hero Points for Arena of Discpline and ranked as Mithril-2 tier (more on that later). As for the Arena of Cooperation, he (rather his team of 3) is ranked as #1 out of all players and as well #1 among Gladiators, with 33 Wins and 2 Losses, 70,816 Hero Points, and again also Mithril-2 tier.

      You start from the bottom Silver-1 tier and rank your way up through Silver, Gold, Platinum 1-2-3's, ultimately reaching the top tier of Mithril-2, in which you could no longer rank up (same concept as Master's/Challenger's tiers in popular MOBA's). Each tier gives different rewards each week, and ultimately if you reach high enough Hero Points (above 20,001), you're ranked as Mithril-2 and given the monk outfit (the same remodel that Gameforge has on Aion Coin Shop). Basically the reward is the Insignia of Infinity (new 5.1 Insignias for purchasing Arena based mythical PvP weapons/armors, similar to the ones we had in 2.7 and 3.0 patches).

      Essentially in my opinion, this event, especially the Arena of Discipline aspect, would only work on the post-5.0 patches and here is why. The game Aion was never renowned for its balanced PvP aspect. Certain classes are indeed much "stronger" in certain areas than other classes. Of course this game contains various aspects of "PvP" which could be categorized into 1v1 arenas, 1v1 duels, 3v3 arenas, chaos/glory FFA-style arenas, 6v6 group-oriented instances, 12v12 group-oriented instances, 24v24 alliance-oriented instances and open world field PvP. Thus it is indeed challenging for the developers to perfectly balance the classes to fit every aspect of the PvP categories. For example, Gladiator may shine as the ultimate destroyer within group-PvP that contains from 12 players up to 48 players. However while it shines in massive group PvP, it is lacklaster to say the least in 1v1 arena/duel fights. On the opposite end, where a skilled Assassin or Ranger could destroy many of other classes in 1v1 arena/duel fights, they're not so much "needed" or "welcome" for massive group PvP. Every class has its ups and downs, and the developers could never reach a perfected class balance if the game contains as many PvP aspects as Aion does. Other certain MMORPG games have rather better class balance because they're more focused on arena-style 1v1 or tag style fights. Back to my initial point, with the 5.0 patch update, game brings a few "game-changing" aspects to the PvP in Aion. Those are the elemental transformations and the CP's (points of attributes that you could level up). With the introduction of these two aspects, Aion brings a somewhat more balance to the small-scale PvP in which the players could customize their characters a bit to their liking and/or to better suit the situation demanded.

      TL;DR: This Arena of Discpline and Arena of Cooperation would work as intended only in the post-5.0 patches of Aion, and would be quite unbalanced if we were to have an event like this in the current patch of Aion that we have now under Gameforge.