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    • Evita wrote:

      b) some new players that have no clue and see constantly people asking for gear therefore doing it themselves

      Dami wrote:

      Then you say, so what sort of gear you after? and they can't tell you. It then becomes quite funny xD
      I think this is the main reason. Most of the people asking for links don’t know what they are looking for, they just see other people asking that question and copy this behavior.

      [NICK]amber1234 wrote:

      its "sooo seriouuus business" everywhere
      Exactly. It’s like people log in “because they have to” and do stuff “because they have to”. Everyone wants to be done fastfastfast and everything is gogogo, so that they don't waste time... Newsflash: it's a game, it's a supposed to be a waste of time :thumbsup:

      [NICK]nyradir wrote:

      You can't expect for everyone to know how much of a big shot you were on your previous server and just by some sort of miracle know of your divine OP abilities...
      I don’t think that anyone can prove their “divine OP abilities” in an instance like Rentus Base.

      [NICK]nyradir wrote:

      Some have high expectations for some runs but once you're asked for gear aren't you a little bit of reassured that group or ally won't be built on dev56 gear? It usually calms me down tho gear is not everything that is true but at least I don't additionally worry about that sort of stuff...
      I don’t see nothing wrong in being in a group with people in dev56 gear especially in an instance specifically build for people in dev56 to get their first mythical gear. If anything the op über-GG players are more out of place there (don’t you think it’s redundant to do Kata with full Kata-set?). I said it in my first post, I can understand the link-requirement when it comes to challenging instances that require specific stats.

      [NICK]nyradir wrote:

      To them you're the new person there, wouldn't you do the same to make sure your friends in the group gets the fast run they want? Why liability?
      No, I wouldn’t. To me asking for a link in a casual instance is a sign that you don’t know how to play the game properly and/or are unsure of your own abilities to pull it through. When I was playing actively I was organizing stuff for new players quite a lot, because I liked to help people gearing up and learning instances. I never had a problem inviting someone I don’t know to an instance. I guess we have a different game style - I don’t want to do a fast run, I want to have a fun run.
      Anyway, I was just making an observation about the state of the server. I have a character on a German server and I’m playing very casually with it - basically I log in once a week /no legion, no friends, some completely random armor parts/. So far I’ve been able to get in a group for almost every PVE-instance (I haven’t tried Makarma and TH HM) without having to link my weapon/gear once.

      [NICK]bobbit wrote:

      I also see people wanting gear checks for just about everything and its completely unnecessary 95% of the time.

      PVE, I would only ask for someone in at least half mythic gear for makarna, for everything else, rune tribe is more than enough. +10 weapon is nice, but not essential.

      PVP, 1 vs 1 , enchant your gear is a must, group / alliance pvp, dont need enchanted gear. Just brain, class knowledge and willingness to co-ordinate with the rest of the team will suffice as group effort > headless chickens attacking random targets.

      I completely agree.
    • Aion has one of the least toxic communities today, partly because its so small therefor small amounts of cupcakes. If people asking for your gear is your biggest problem clearly you have no clue what a real toxic community is. I suggest you try out any moba game in existance, any online FPS in existance, even some other mmorpgs. Try Tera, every raid that you arent winning by huge difference there are at least 3 people shouting "noobs,retards,uninstall,etc. Outside of raids theres some wierd arse people trying to pedo-seduce you if you're playing female char.. Asking for gear is the least offensive and normal thing someone can do in an MMORPG. Nobody doubts you can clear the old instances, they just want to do it FAST because Aion pve is boring af. if you can't handle that, stop using the internet. Only toxic aspect of this community I see is the incredible ability to QQ about everything.
    • ... and also there are wars and people dying of starvation.
      You can always list something that's bigger and more important, but it has nothing to do with the original problem I described. I'm sure you can find a game with worse community (I've never said that it's the worst), but it doesn't mean that it doesn't leave a room for improvement. IMO it's better to be aware of the problems of the game and work on them than to shrug it off with a simple "it could be worse". Plus I find it very counterproductive to describe everything someone finds wrong with the game or the way it's being managed as QQ. My original post was not a dramatic in any way, I did not state that the game was unplayable or that it's the absolute worst etc. I made an observation after being away from the game for some time and I was curious how it came to be that way. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being critical with the things that you're dealing with and sharing your negative opinion about something is not automatically QQing - the truth is born in argument/discussion. If it's easier for you to sit on your cushion and be ok with the way things are going in this game, by all means do so.
    • Me and my bf started playing Aion again as a joke (we played it back when it was launched) and we somehow got rly hyped about the game and we enjoy it alot. Everything was new and changed we got to 65 in like 1 week max... then we were abit stuck... what now? The best answers we got is "u don't have gear for anything besides rb nm" "u need 15k hp"... made us allmost quit the game been staying around for 2-3 days being frustrated while gathering information off the internet and figured out we have a brain of our own and played for many yrs other mmos and ppl were just over-rating everything.
      So basically we didn't have a "link gear" problem we had a "you cannot play the game cus of your nab gear" problem which might even be worse. Feels like everyone is just so pro player around and nothing makes difference besides gear.
      Happily we are preocupied atm to get our "basic" gear from the questline. Gonna see how it goes after :) Besides if u play mmos for many yrs but u still end up caring about what 99.99% of the ppl think or say then it's partially your problem also (not refering to the topic creator just in general and to our case)
    • [NICK]nosenose1013 wrote:

      Besides if u play mmos for many yrs but u still end up caring about what 99.99% of the ppl think or say then it's partially your problem also (not refering to the topic creator just in general and to our case)

      +1. I learned in early days to just /block the gear requirement fckwits and enjoy the game with like-minded players who see the game as fun and know there is no content in the game that requires the best gear anyway.
      Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Gameforge?
      If you think we like p2w,
      We are the boys who will stop your little game.
      We are the boys who will make you think again.
      'Cus who do you think you are kidding Mr. Gameforge?
      If you think old Aion'ers done?
    • Never asked for gear. Went to RB on my main. Party went full yolo on reflect, even the sm. Cleric didn't seem to know how to loci. RB failed. Now I ask for gear.

      Note: my char is fully geared I only go there for stones.

      Note2: I usually accept "I have no gear but I've done this instance a million times" for an answer, what I don't accept is "parla italiano?"

    • Click wrote:

      Evita wrote:

      which sm is so mentally absent to go out on reflect when it's his/her job to dispel it?

      Players that whine salty tears cuz leveling too hard and slow obviously :rolleyes:

      when i levelled my AT on NA back when it hit, i did some dredg... one of the players was seriously asking: are we blue or green)
      thank god I usually don't have that issue with SM not dispelling unless I fall asleep on Vasharti and therefore dont dispell :P