The Arcane Legion!

    • Legion

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    • The Arcane Legion!

      Arieluma, my fellow Elysians!

      The Arcane Legion is a brand new place, where you can learn, goof and play around with people like you!
      Due to our incredibly fast growth, we are trying to bring every single person who feels lonely in this grand planet Artreia!

      We offer not only activity within our members but diversity with levels and experience, that will help you learn about this world in it's own pace!

      Are you new to this game? Do you want to learn everything, without feeling like a burden? Don't worry! We all learnt just the way that you did! We don't only grind instances. We are not minding our own business. Because you! Yes You! You are our business as well! The more the merrier!

      Help us build a great Legion and grow onto each other, so we can not only depend on our teammates, but make friends worldwide!

      Apply to The Arcane Legion or whisper me (Caracule), Wiolith or Vatraz for approval!

      Class does not matter! We care for your pleasure of gaming, regardless of class you picked!
    • Let me make some commercial for this legion.

      I suggest every new player or old being fed up with the same faces to join this legion. It has a lots of people and also nice members, there are exp people inside as well and they offer help. Don't be shy in asking a question inside there will be always someone to respond. This legion is relatively new but it offers a nice jump for the fresh and new players.