Atk speed gloves

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    • Atk speed gloves

      Hello everyone!
      Recently i was refused to a party for the simple reason i didn't have an atk speed gloves...
      I searched a bit and found there is 5 types eternal/myth with atk speed. My question is which one is easiest to get or which one do you use, have preference for?
      Healer's Oath

      When the flame of life glimmers in the wind, my hand shall guard it.
      When the weak waver on their path, my spirit shall be their guide.
      When the strong fall to darkness, my heart shall be their beacon.
    • Read this and thought.... what were the group going to do?

      I did not know that there were cloth gloves with attack speed, thought they were all casting speed, so thank you for asking the question and to Click for the reply.

      All the fuss over equipt to join groups really is getting crazy. I can understand needing enough attack to do damage to mobs and defense/hp to take hits and survive but in realilty you could have bought all the equipt and enchanted it to the max and be the worst player in the game.

      All GMs out there, take note. even if you have God Mode stats you will not get to join group unless you're bard has attack speed on gloves.