Ranger Stats

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    • Ranger Stats

      So i have been playing ranger a long time and i recently changed stats so here is something for you to look into

      This is fully bugged with Chanter Vision stigma Mau form and SPOW / BOB.

      So you also have something to compare with i have included unbuffed stats with no food below: -

      Just so you know this is 5 out of 6 Enhanced Hyperion Set.
    • If you're asking for good PVE stats...well my advice would be to try out lots more crit, maybe easy way by lending a crit feather and using that instead of attack.

      I'm using +13 legendary bow + 3 pieces SWB myth + 2 pieces RB myth armor...1009 attack, 1239 crit totally unbuffed, but the armor is only at +5 since making max enchant PVE armor might be needed with 4.9 but tbh, it's too costly and on my magic char I even put the fully socketed myth PVE set in the WH because it's useless compared to max enchant PVP set and plain and simple a waste of money to enchant that, just for PVE.
    • 1009 attack, 1239 crit totally unbuffed,

      lol, that's way too much. Only for Beritra around 1400 Crit buffed (!) are recommended - and anyone gets those with ~1135 Crit completely unbuffed (except for the Idian ofc) at max.
      Anything else regarding PvE doesn't need more than 1200 Crit buffed.

    • In 4,9 u can buy feather with crit so u can cover crit/att
      Same as food + idian it rly help i prefer use AP food cuse of extra HP
      Stones 5att/crit are rly expensive
      So i use Crit/HP or att/hp, HP is important 2 as well not just dmg
      Asuming everything Ping/stigmas/skill rotation > gear stats

      (15k HP with just self buff) 1000 crit and 1050 attack unbuffed ofc
      With all available things 17,5k hp with temp buff over 18 it make cler job more comfortable