Pinned IRC Account Registration and Nettalk(client) Guide

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    • IRC Account Registration and Nettalk(client) Guide

      First of all, you can connect and join our IRC channel without any registration.

      There are no nick ownership on our IRC servers.

      You can register an AuthServ(account service) account.
      They are slightly similar to IRC nicks, but only have meaning to the services bots. Until you authenticate to AuthServ on an account, you can only use the AUTH command.
      Accounts are the way that ChanServ identifies you for access to channels.

      IRC Account registration only possible via web page.

      To register an account:
      1-) Open following page via browser;

      2-) Fill the form and click on Register.
      Note: It doesnt need to be connected to your game account.

      3-) Check your e-mail. You will find your account password there.

      If you are connecting via browser, you can auth yourself with typing this:

    • Nettalk (IRC client) guide

      Nettalk (IRC client) guide

      1-) You can download Nettalk here;

      Just click on setup.exe and install(Next,next,install etc.) it.
      After installation you can open it via shortcut on desktop.

      2-) Click New on upper left corner.
      Type server and port address:
      Port: 6667

      3-) Next screen, type your nickname.

      4-) This screen you can type commands which you want use after connection.

      Source Code

      1. /AuthServ auth TestAccount limu5atu
      2. /join

      and click on Complete to connect.

      Note: If you have dynamic IP or you are connecting different places you have to use;
      for all IPs:

      Source Code

      1. /authserv addmask *@*

      single specific IP:

      Source Code

      1. /authserv addmask *@IP