Help me choose from these 3 greater stigmas

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    • Help me choose from these 3 greater stigmas

      Hello again everyone.
      I am playing as Cleric full HEALING tree and I am still confused which 2 out of 3 I can choose as greater stigmas (better) ?

      1: Ripple of Purification and Healing Servant
      2: Splendor of Rebirth and Healing Servant
      3: Ripple of Purification and Splendor of Rebirth

      I am both solo PVE and group, and I will intend to do the same until the end game.
      And.. I am doing only PVE.

      Please, I want to know your opinion.
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    • In my opinion Healing Servant is no longer good for the following reasons:

      1) Group PvP is dynamic and usually stretched over a big area which the heal servant doesn't completely cover.
      If group PvP does happen in a small area, there are so many aoe's that the heal servant will die before getting 1-2 heals off.

      2) Most PvE instances doesn't require you to stay still at one specific boss for long time making the benefits of a heal servant obsolete. (Think of instances like RB, SWB, Inner forts, ...)
      When you do encounter bosses that take some time they usually have a lot of aoe's, which again will pretty much instant kill your servant.

      3) For everything solo... splendour of rebirth heals more. So when ur solo or duo'ing something, you will have more benefits from SoR than from Heal servant.

      The only places I would actually still concider using heal servant are Katalamize & Runadium.
    • Healing servant have an advantage on group pvp if u know when to place it. Its just to avoid one team member to be sleepsed from sleeping storm or such AoEs with limited number of adversaries.

      NVM Splndour of rebirth is just so OP if u place it on main Focus when u or the target have healing buffs (Nobles, blessed, amplification).

      Ripple is just a must have for PvP and PvE
    • Yes Soyto I would agree. Ripple of Purification is sooo good. It gives you another big heal all skill and is faster to cast than other group heals. Can be uses as life saver even if no one needs the remove bad stuff part of it.

      I do a lot of solo and duo pve and found the summon noble energy was more useful to me than the healing servant. I did have healing servant before when doing things like raksang in the old days of Sarpan but found the same it was only good at final boss. The rest of the time when everyone was rushing through it was not much good.

      When fighting things solo you can put all the damage over time skills on something then spam heals on yourself when you need to.

      If given those choices only, I would go with option 3.
    • Thank you everyone for replying.

      So, Ripple of Purification and Splendor of Rebirth are the best ones to have atm, healing servant is kinda useless overall comparing with other greater stigmas i see :)

      [NICK]rebelbabe you say that is working great to have Ripple of Purification and Summon Noble Energy for very easy solo farm?

      I must try it :)
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    • yes they are working for me.

      I have a mixed build to give heals and damage, usually I play with a friend and find the attack servant useful. when fighting mobs I can heal and when safe to do so I put the 2 attack servants, chastise and earths wrath onto the mob then go back to healing.

      Works for me because i am not good at kiting.. running around jumping, hitting.. just cannot do it. If you are running around when killing mob you would need to watch that the mob does not go out of range of your servants. So I guess it is down to what works best for you.
    • 1. Ripple of Purification always was and always will be 'must have' stigma, because of delayed dispel effect. It gives your group much advantage if u manage to dispel Fear Shriek, Sleeping Storm or even sorc's vision sleep with Ripple.

      2. Splendour of Rebirth it's just perfect to use on focused target. It heals up to 2959 on every tick on 1000 Healing Boost, Blessed Shield, Noble Grace and Brilliant Protection. It makes that guy more tankiness with extra 300 physical defence and 50 elemental defence. Btw, 50 ed bonus is not shown in stigma's description or skill's tooltip on the skillbar, but You can see it when u check active effect on the buff bar - translation's mistake I guess.

      3. Healing Servant is not affected by Blessed Shield. And it's also easy to destroy in PvP or even in PvE by AoE skills. And it's not even worth to select it to heal it in my opinion.
    • Ripple of Purification is life , never forget to put that stigma on , as for healing servant , sadly is not longer any good ;) i voted for 3rd option too and its what i also use on my cleric!
      AION Game-Forged to death ... ;(
    • Thank you Livo for your reply, you gave me a very good example and much better understandings
      Thank you Everyone.

      I love, indeed how it's working the option number 3!
      I have it right now and it's purely brilliant how much I can heal!.

      Do you know guys, if this topic is still open, can you give me as well the best options for normal stigmas (not greater)?

      I have now:

      Noble Grace
      Saving Grace
      Lightning Bolt of Retaliation.

      Should I change something?

      Thanks again guys!
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    • How to choose green stigmas for support build:

      Noble Grace - it's another 'must have' stigma like Ripple. It's just too OP to increase healing effect by 50% for 15 seconds. You can make nice combo with Splendour or Recovery and Splendour of Rebirth, so yours HoT (Healing over Time) will do all the job for You and You can drink a sip of coffee/beer in meantime or if You are more ambitious, You can help your team with tools like root / hallowed strike / stun / DPS or just focus on enemy sorc / SM to dispel Fear Shriek / Sleeping Storm.

      Saving Grace - also nice choice, because it's instant heal and can be preused on focused target to give You more time to cast / charge other heals. If You even get vision support stigma, don't forget that these skills are overriding each other so don't peruse both of them :)

      Third green stigma slot has a lot of options, depends on everyone's preferences and situations where are You going:
      - Sprint Skill [defensive] - It's really nice skill for 6v6. You can kite easier your opponents when they decide to focus You.
      - Sympathetic Heal [defensive] - skill for true healbots! When You are out of AoE heals, You can use this one to heal one of your team mates and yourself at the same time.
      - Blinding Light [defensive] - useful for 3v3 when enemy team doesn't have cleric or You have to use it wisely, when enemy cleric is dead or cc'ed.
      - Festering Wound [offensive] - useful for 3v3, especially when your team has low burst dmg. You can use it on dying target to decrease healing effects on him and help your team mates finish focused target. But again it can be easily removed by enemy cleric.
      - Lighting Bolt of Retaliation [offernsive] - great for 3v3 if You like to switch between support set and dps set. Never forget that cleric even on full support build still has a lot of dmg in his hands. You just need fast, external (mouse/keyboard) macros to switch sets and can You support Your team not only with heals, but also with nice dmg. You just need to get some practice to learn when You can switch for offensive set to not let die your fellows.

      My personal choices are:
      - Sprint Skill for 6v6, 12v12, 24v24
      - Lighting Bolt of Retaliation for 3v3

      You can check out how to support your team with extra dmg even on full support build:

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    • Heya,

      Here is my opinion (for pve).

      Solo pve:
      Take dps stigmas.

      Group PVE (main healer):

      Ripple is a must.

      Healing servant VS Splendor (i tried both):

      If you know how to heal, it doesn't really matter. It depends on your playstyle.

      I personally prefer healing servant. Why? In ally with several clerics, the others will have splendor of rebirth and they will put it on the tank at the same time as you do, except if you tell them on teamspeak. But who does that? no one.

      In small group PVE (RB HM/Runa/ Runa HM etc). You can make your servant avoid the aoe. For example, on runadium you put your servent after the adds spawn etc.

      In ally PVE (Katalamize/Makarna HM):
      - Katalamize you can avoid the aoes easly.
      - Makarna: You can use the servant easily on every boss (except beritra). On beritra the servant is a bit useless. But the other cleric will put splendor of recovery on the tank (or at least should do it)
      - TH: Put the servant At the start of the burst (51%) and after the big stun.

      You can make a macro to put your servent and buff it if you like it.
    • I would have to argue with live and some of the rest up in the topic.
      He said he want to be solo/group PVE , did not say anything about pvp , therefore
      BEST is ripple + healing servant, and not healing servant does not get destroyed easily anywhere except makarna (where u actually need rebirth for the simple reason - Elemental def on seal carrier/templar/ healer upon tripple aoes)
      Using healing servant in instances like RST / runadium / kata / swb etc is soooo much more effective than that 1 target not doing anything rly splendor of rebirth. This is not pvp u have no focused elemental dmg on any1 in those instances, and believe me healing servant will make your aoe healign sooo mcuh better. As for the "you have to move a lot" healing servant have 30m range, fast cast 1 min cd ~70s duration , heals every1 in the group , rebirth - heals same amount , 1 target , 30s duration , 1m cd. Make estimations on your own.
      I've been in many many manyyyy runadiums with bad clerics and i can tell u all those who were using healing servant were doing much better simply because that servant deployed is just insane.
      OH not to mention u can HEAL the servant in case ppl dont know that :)
      As for solo pve if u have high mb my recomendation is benevolence+healing servant+ noble energy, if u dont just stick with noble energy healing servant and enfeebling burst or call lightning

      If we talk about pvp or makarna would be ripple / rebirth for obvious reasons (focused damage)

      I hope i was helpful

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