Asmodian Pvp Tournament - 3 Vs 3 ( 25/06/2016 )

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    • Asmodian Pvp Tournament - 3 Vs 3 ( 25/06/2016 )

      Asmodian PVP Tournament - 3 VS 3

      This PVP tournament, on Asmodian side, is totally organised by players, for players. The main goal is to have a nice time watching and fighting in an organised PVP event for fun.

      To accomplish a nice tournament, I asked the bigger legions to put some real effort in the prizes to have some decent rewards for the tournament.

      ( previous event )

      How does it work?

      Referring to the brackets (Link will be provided when entry is closed), two teams of three people will fight in the Pandaemonium Arena:

      - 3 vs 3
      - Best of 3 rounds ( except grand finale 5 rounds)
      - Teams will be announced in Shout and LFG
      - Teams will have three minutes to take position in the arena
      - After both teams are in the arena, they will have two minutes to buff, use scrolls and potions
      - At the end of the two minutes the first round will start
      - Two minutes between each of the fights
      - Direct elimination (after losing two rounds)
      - If you crash or disconnect during the fight, we will not wait for you
      - If you crash or dc during the pauses (between and before rounds) we wait max three minutes


      - Respect the timer in shout
      - Be honest and close your hack program for once :love:
      - No event items allowed (any items you can get trough an event or with the [event] before name or similar)
      - No Divine Points skills
      - No Invulnerability potions (Noble water shield)
      - No Flight
      - No double or triple class
      - No External buffs (only if you have a cleric or chanter in your team)
      - No Stigma change in any of the three rounds
      - No Infinite bottle of Life serums, Leader recovery scrolls, Saams King's Herb, and similar items.
      - No Brigade potions
      - No Fortress items (Bassen wings, etc)
      - No Candies
      The event will be streamed (link will be provided). Keep an eye on the stream to see when it is your turn to fight. You have 5 minutes to show up for your fight. If you're late, you'll be disqualified

      If you break any of the rules it will most likely result in disqualification and thus elimination from the tournament

      The rules may still change before the start of the tournament, a GM will attend the event to moderate it.

      How can I apply?

      The tournament has an entry fee of 30kk (10kk each participant), 100% of this Kinah will be used for the tournament rewards.
      To apply you need to send and ingame mail to "Hands" with the 3 nicknames of your team and the kinah attached.
      I'll close the apply when we reach a max of 24 teams ( :D ) or till the day of the first match.

      Last team will be accepted at 0.00 of 24/06!

      When will the tournament start?
      25/06/2016 - 15:30 GMT +1 (server time)

      Official Streameritsmebisu

      Team List:
      Team 1 : Stewen - Argetlam - Nekroad
      Team 2 : Iana - Ikigai - Wayan
      Team 3: Mika - Justlikeyou - Tarumiel
      Team 4: Kabane - Insec - Elvoys
      Team 5: Frutiq - Engliishmeno - Calintz
      Team 6: Valerie - Alight - Ananth
      Team 7: Ewgeni - Spartaaa - Kamichu
      Team 8: Lightning - Rivelle - Jojen

      2870kk, 90€ aion coins ticket
      The aion coins prizes will ajust according to the numbers of teams, more we are more big the prizes gonna be!

      First place: 60€ Aion coins(20€ each), 1200kk (400kk each)
      Second place: 30€ Aion Coins (10€ each) 900kk (300kk each)
      Third Place: 600kk (200kk each)
      Fourth Place: 180kk (60kk each)

      Special Prizes

      The prizes will grow depending on the amount of registered teams.

      Legions: SmallGods, FATE
      Players: Haruk, Tintirimintiri, Hed
      Agapi with the banner! :love:




      -added the treasury
      -add GF support with aion coins ticket
      -add Date
      -set up prizes
      -prizes rise up
      -added first team
      -added team 2
      -Agapi Banner!
      -added team 3
      -added the time of the start
      -Added team 4
      -added team 5-6
      -added streamer
      -added team 7
      -braket up
      -prizes upgrade

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