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    • AION Youtubers and Streamers

      Hey everyone,

      As you probably know, there are quite a few AION video content creators and streamers out there. We – the AION Community Managers – are always on the lookout and we know that many players are watching and following them as well. But of course, there is always the chance that we might have missed someone, so:

      If you know someone that is creating AION videos or streams and you enjoy their work – and think we would too – then let us know! Just send us a link to their channel via a private message here on the boards and we´ll check it out.

      If you are creating videos or stream yourself, no need to wait for someone to let us know about you, just message us directly! For the moment, we are generally trying to establish an overview of all content creators for AION. Still, this might translate into some cooperation in the future – so please also let us know in your message, if you would be generally interested in these kind of things.

      Thank you – we are looking forward to see what you have to share!

      All the best,