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    • Hi,can you please tell me how do rifts work?Shall I follow real time or servertime?Do they appear always in the same location?How do I find them? :?: :?: :?: :?:

      It is going to be a half-year i started with Aion and i have read many guieds for rifts but i never was able to find them.Thanks for help.
    • It's real time and you can find timetable for rifts and other things (instance, sieges, etc) on forum upper image link bar (news, support, timetable, irc) or here (same link):
      Also remember that it's site supported by GF, not theirs directly in case you are wondering why something is/isn't there.
      You might be confused where you end up after entering certain rifts (at least for eltnen/morheim, heiron/beluslan) since your destination is randomized (this was changed when upper lvl limit was increased to lvl 65) from all current zone rifts exits.

      Also from 4.9 patch notes page 9:
      The number of exit points for the fissures in Eltnen, Morheim, Heiron and Beluslan has
      been increased. They now appear randomly within the extended area.

      That could mean there's even more exit points for those location than there were previously (based on fissure=rift)

      There's also inggison and gelkmaros rifts which are accessible for lvl 65 and should disappear once 6 people go through them or when 10 minutes pass (these can't be in timetable since it's random).

      Signia/Vengar rifts works as old rifts which teleported you to certain location based on entry rift. They are also for 55-65 only atm.

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    • Hello [NICK]yukinanarin

      Basically asdf4 summed it all up

      timetable.aioninfo.eu supplies you with all possible timers, the first tab being with what is currently up

      regarding the locations: nowadays you see it on the map which rift is up
      in Atreia (Morheim/Eltnen and Beluslan/Heiron) as well as Gelkmaro/Inggison all the rifts are up (if it's rift time)
      in Vengar/Signia the rifts are random spawns at fixed locations but also visible on the map (changes every hour)

      Additionally you have in Gelkmaros/Inggison portals that can appear on slaying one of the conquest mobs.

      I hope this information helps a bit further

      Best regards

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    • The logic with Sygnia/Vengar rifts is that they take you to a mirrored location (imagine x and y axis going through middle of map), which means you will exit on middle north area of Sygnia if you enter middle south rift in Vengar. If you enter the rift in SW Vengar you will exit in Sygnia NE corner. If you enter a rift a little bit SW of center, you will exit a little bit NE from center in opponent's land. Follow this logic and you won't have to check rift relations ever again. It will save you a lot of troubles in you are going to specific instance or target or to plan a route in opponent's land before you even enter.
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    • So I went today from Heiron to Beluslan (elyos) like 20 times at least trying all the rifts but all the spots I was teleported in, non of them I could reach the old spot for Leopis petal...Also I see no such petal in broker... this means we can't collect them anymore? Or I was just really unlucky with the teleportation. Just want to know if to try more or not.Thank you!
      Its called being fhabulous! 8) *