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    • AOE Gladiator Stuff

      Youtuber name: Phyton

      Youtube channel link:

      Server and Faction: Hellion - Asmo

      Video content type: PvP

      Uploading new videos every: Usually per week, always if I record something good :D

      Streamer name: PHYTON20

      Stream link:

      Server and Faction: Hellion - Asmo

      Stream type: PvP - PvE

      Something about myself: Hi! My name is Pedro, Im 23 and I play Aion since 2009 BETA, I started in Castor with a cleric and with the 1st merge I moved to Telemachus where I played till 2014-2015 with my cleric. In 2015 summer I moved to Alquima where I play for now with a gladiator.
      I love PvP and I learn new tips everyday playing with my friends and with players who also like to improve his pvp everyday doing trainings, cross server duels, arrangeds T.Dreds etc
      If you have suggestions for my YT channel or twich one, just pm me here :D

      Dont forget to subscribe and follow me for latest news! :thumbsup:

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