Announcement Youtubers and Streamers welcome!

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  • Youtubers and Streamers welcome!

    Hello guys!
    As you see we made a brand new and shinny section here for you. Here's how it works:

    Only the users that are in this special Youtubers and Streamers usergroup can post here in this section.
    In the subsections though, everyone can post.

    What is this section for then? Well, glad you asked! It's for you to present your channels. Other users can't reply in your threads, other Youtubers and Streamers can.*

    You will notice that when you open a thread you see the following templates for you to fill, they look like this:
    Youtuber name:
    Youtube channel link:
    Server and Faction:
    Video content type:
    Uploading new videos every:
    Something about myself:

    Streamer name:
    Stream link:
    Server and Faction:
    Stream type:
    Something about myself:
    Of course if you only have a Youtube channel, you can delete the Streamer template, if you are only streaming, feel free to delete the Youtube one, if you do Youtube videos and streaming, well... then keep and fill both!

    What are the subsections for?
    Well, in the subsections you can again create your own threads when you want to share, with our players here, the new videos you've made or simply tell them to come and check your stream at this date and time so that they know when you're going live!
    Normal players can also create threads and post in the subsections if they see a video they like or an interesting stream coming up.
    Of course the subsections, as everyone can post, are very useful for feedback, so feel free to ask the other players for their opinions and ideas!

    *The reason that other Youtubers and Streamers can reply to your presentation threads is to give their opinions about your channel!

    Keep in mind that we trust you to be polite and decent, on your videos, streams, on the forums and especially on other channels' reviews.
    If at any point we feel that you are not, your posts and threads can be removed and your forum account might return to normal mode or even get blocked.

    The point of this action here in the forum is for our players to get to know you and you to get to know each other!

    We all hope you'll have a little more space this way to spread your creativity!

    If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to message me or Zalia, here on the forum =)

    I wish you all great fun!
  • Just a small clarification:

    I added to the Youtubers and Streamers usergroup the people that have contacted me since we made our announcement.
    If I've forgotten anyone I apologize in advance, please feel free to send me a pm and let me know and I'll add you as well.
    If I've added someone I shouldn't have also please let me know and of course, just because you were added it doesn't mean you must participate in this, you can either ignore it or let me know you don't wish to be in the forum usergroup and I'll remove you right away.

    Thank you =)