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    • Livo Cleric PvP

      Youtuber name: Livo

      Youtube channel link:

      Server and Faction: Antriksha - Elyos

      Video content type: Cleric's gameplay and more

      Uploading new videos every: not specified, mostly when I record something interesting or when new idea come to my mind

      Streamer name: Livosz

      Stream link:

      Server and Faction: Antriksha - Elyos

      Stream type: Cleric's gameplay

      Streaming: currently not streaming due problems with internet connection

      Something about myself:
      Hi everyone. My name is Daniel and I'm 29 years old. I play Aion since OBT in China (April 2009). I started Cleric 1 year later. I think that I'm pretty experienced Cleric after 6 years of playing one class, but I'm still learning new things everyday. I used to play only on offensive build until Aion 4.0. Then I realized that DPS Cleric is not a way to go in group PvP any more. I was forced to leave my spot for better damage dealer and switch for healing spec. So I would say I'm still pretty new on support build, but I try my best to keep my group alive on Battlegrounds.

      My Youtube channel was created almost 2 years ago when I uploaded my first video. I think it's still young channel and It will keep growing. You can find there videos categorized in playlists:
      Cleric Solo PvP
      Cleric Group PvP
      Cleric PvE
      Arena of Discipline
      Arena of Chaos
      Aion Tutorials
      Aion Funny Moments
      If You have any suggestions, ideas, let me know. I keep my mind open to criticism.

      I started streaming in 2015, but after few months I had to stop because of bad quality of internet connection. I came back on twitch this year, but again same problem with different connection. Probably I will be able to stream only at nights until internet infrastructure won't be improved in my area or until I move to another location. Anyway when You find me playing live on twitch, it's always PvP content, mostly my favorite Training Arena of Discipline, Arena of Chaos, Arena of Cooperation.

      Don't forget that everything what I do, it's just my hobby. I don't have any income from Youtube/Twitch. I try to make my content in English, but keep in mind that I'm not native English-speaker and my pronunciation or spelling can be not the best one :)

      You can find me also on other social medias.

      Thank You for watching my videos and broadcasts <3

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