Itsmebisu Assassin/Templar

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    • Itsmebisu Assassin/Templar

      Youtuber name: Itsmebisu

      Youtube channel link:

      Server and Faction: Antriksha [EN/TR] Elyos faction.

      Video content type: Tutorials, PvP highlights, compilations, and pretty much any request I get.

      Uploading new videos every: Ideally every week, might be more if I get juicy highlights, might be less if there is
      absolutly nothing worth posting.

      Streamer name: Darvylle

      Stream link:

      Server and Faction: Antriksha [EN/TR] Elyos faction.

      Stream type: General interaction AION stream.

      Streaming: Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. (this varies alot)

      Something about myself:

      Well, for those who don't know me. I'm Wesley from Belgium and I just turned 25 (FeelsBadMan).
      I've been streaming Aion for years already but very rarely, I only picked it up as something serious to do like probably 8-9 months ago.
      As for my youtube, I've had a channel on youtube for 6 years already, as my video creating skills got better I started uploading more, but i'd only like to push out actual relevant quality content on my youtube. Meaning videos relevant to the games I play/stream and/or videos with a proper quality and perhaps voice-over (if requested tutorial video). I think that's all you need to know, you can also Like my facebook page by clicking the link down bellow, other social media included.


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