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    • Vashiro - Aethertech / Aion News-Info


      Channel link:

      Server and Faction: Deyla - Asmodian // Gardarika (RU) - Asmodian

      Video content type: Aethertech Gameplay / Patch Preview - Explanation

      New Videos interval: N/A
      My last video -> "Aion 5.0 - New Elemental Skills Translation/Explanation "


      Stream link:

      Server and Faction: Deyla - Asmodian

      Stream type: General Gameplay / Patch Preview - Explanation

      Streaming Schedule: N/A - Happens Randomly, I also stream other games.

      - About me

      My name is Matthew, I'm currently 26 years old, and I live in the beautiful capital of Austria, Vienna. I can speak three languages fluently: German, English and Arabic. Some people wonder if I understand Korean, I don't, but I want to learn it someday. I understand some Korean words due to playing games in Korean and figuring out what they mean. I'm just your everyday guy who likes video games. I've been playing games since the age of 6. The first console I owned was the SEGA Mega Drive (SEGA Genesis).

      I'm usually not that type of person that talks a lot about his private life, so I guess I'll spare you from my yapping and get back to the point of this topic and talk about my experience with Aion.

      I've played Aion from the very start. I've participated in the Betas as well. Later at some point, I decided to "quit" Aion 1.9 because it was not fitting with my work schedule. I preferred living life over staying at home grinding and grinding for the PvP gear as it was harder to get back in the days. In 2.x I came back but only playing casually and rifting until I gave my account away (yes I regret it). Later I rolled on NA Aion 3.0 and stood there until 4.0 (Tiamat - Asmo) and re-rolled on EU Spatalos with 4.0, which became Deyla.

      I've played on the Korean, Japanese and Russian versions as well to be ahead of players' Aion "knowledge". I also played many classes, the ones I am currently most fond of are Aethertech, Cleric, Spiritmaster and Gunner.

      What is my incentive behind all that?

      I just wanted to offer another source of news for Aion players. Aion is an old game which becomes more complicated with every patch, I am trying to bring exclusive news that can prepare them well for what is to come. Cristal (AionPowerbook) and Azsurance (tumblr) are also a source with deeper details, I appreciate their work and do not intend to copy/paste it. I usually post what I discover myself and if I happen to copy/paste something, I always include the source to that. With my social networks I allow people to discuss topics in a more convenient way (Facebook is the biggest example). It has a fair amount of followers and the activity on posts is quite nice. I think socializing on a page like this is key to spread the word for patches and the game. You can feel free to Direct Message me anytime on the forums or my facebook page if you have questions regarding the coming patches!

      Curious of the social networks I am on?


      Thank you for the read! :cookieshugo:

      Kind regards,