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    • FeloGrafix Chanter *_*

      Youtuber name: Felo882

      Youtube channel link: youtube.com/user/Felo882

      Server and Faction: EU Loki ~ Elyos (NA TIAMAT/Korea chrysler)

      Video content type: Tutorials | News | Korea updates | Fun Videos

      Uploading new videos every: Mondays (if I don't feel like it... NO!! video) XD

      Lates video Aion: Lohnt es sich AION anzufangen?

      Something about myself:

      Well good question what can I say About me….?
      I have been playing Aion since Korea Beta and I will never Quit *_* muahahahaha xD

      Ok…ok… Sirius!

      My Name is Jawad Ahmad, 28 years old and I am a Computer Animator working as a 3d environment artist. Curranty I am living in the UK so I am always struggling with the time difference even thou it’s just one Hour…. I have a complicated way of think because I always try to see thinks from all sides possible...~ (so just bear with me and let me explain hehe) I can speak about 6 languages even thou I have done 2 semesters of Korean I don’t consider Korean been one of them (yet). Currently I am learning Japanese and I will get back to Korean after I am done. It’s my dream to be able to speak all languages in the world xD

      I am a helpful and simple person with big plans heheh xD I used to play console games but after finding Aion, I totally devoted my life to MMORPG’s.
      I am never worried for new content as I deeply believe that changes need to happen even if it is a bad change, as players WE
      decide what we will make out of it.

      I have about 6-8 Aion clients on my PC because I try to Test and play on all of them as this helps me to stay ahead of my game and have a better understanding of the coming updates (the server I am the most active is Loki thou) I Idolize Hayao Miyazaki and I LOVEEEEE IU her Voice means hope to me.

      If you don’t know IU she sang the song IU – Atreia.
      I am a Huge Anime & Manga Fan.

      Well guess that’s it…if you have any questions... just ask.

      Kindly Regards

      Streamer name: FeloGrafix

      Stream link: twitch.tv/felografix

      Server and Faction: EU Loki ~ Elyos (NA TIAMAT/Korea chrysler)

      Stream type: Korea updates

      Streaming: cumming back soon ^^

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