Windows 10 known bugs list

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    • Windows 10 known bugs list

      Hello all . Since 5.0 is near and windows xp can't be updated anymore i wish we make a list with bugs known for windows 10 8 and 7

      i will start with 10 because i run on this and each time i tp in game and i move too fast from spot or have inventory open or legion window i crash can somebody give me advice pls ? Thanks
    • I was getting that problem even with Window 7 when the new areas were added to game. I checked drivers, permissions dirext x, everything I could think of. Event log kept saying it was a rendering issue.

      Did a lot of reading in google and found that although I had 8G memory computer was only using 3G+ and read that windows 7 32 bit would only use 3G.

      Then found in Options - system settings - system

      A box to tick ... 3G memory use permitted (*)

      I ticked that box and all my crashes stopped.
    • Well, seems like I jinxed it.

      Upgraded my system to windows 10 premium, from windows 7 home premium and having the exact same problem.

      I did notice that some of my setting for game had changed and I had to customize them again.

      The client crashes happen in busy areas, Signia headquarters and Sanctum.

      There is much more activity in game just now with this event. It is also possible that windows 10 is doing a lot of things in the background eg gathering information or activating more processes to give us all those little extras and that is putting more pressure on system. I did notice in the task manager a tab that shows usage of a number of processes since they system was upgraded, just one example of what was not there before.

      I can play for many hours in all other areas without problems. Big invasion multi alliance things my system has never been able to handle. (uhm any chance of an event that gives hi spec systems???? guess that will be a NO :rolleyes: )