Brain fried help needed on what to take from chest

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    • Brain fried help needed on what to take from chest


      I have reached 65 and opening 65 armour and weapon chest. (jakunerk) Mad grendal set, armour has all identified as 5 slot so far. I have got the ancient coin armour and greatsword. My shield and sword are from the fine weapon chest given to me.

      Question is. Do I take the Mad Grendal greatsword or shield from the chest. Which one is the best investment for an all round Templar. I do not do much pvp, (only in dregions) basically I suck at pvp. Plan is to select one and get the rest with ancient coins so I will have good greatsword, sword and shield.
    • Hmm. You need a good sword and shield aswell, for example when pulling adds together in swb, ... you can use sword/shield with stubborn spirit.

      You have a pretty good greatsword for starters. The ancient coin greatsword +5 is pretty similar to the Mad Grendal greatsword +8~9 unless you get best stats and 6-slot obviously.

      My advice, get the shield and do instances (read: SWB, Rentus Base HM, Runadium, ...) To get a mythical greatsword, sword.