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    • Team Changes

      Hello everyone!
      I hope you had all a great weekend and an amazing start of the week!

      As you might have noticed in the past few weeks some of our Team Members have left the Team (Ariel, Cyan, Zalia) and a new one has joined (Inviere), well, for a while already.

      Since we wish to keep you updated with who is in or out the Team on a more direct way than from the Team's List, we will be keeping you updated from this thread.

      First bit of news:

      Starting today we have a new Board Admin that most of you are probably already familiar with:

      Please be kind and patient till she is fully comfortable with everything.

      Also, don't forget that we are looking for more people, so if you are interested in joining us, check here!
    • Good morning everyone!

      It's about time we keep you up to date with our recent Team changes.

      First things first!
      We have a new Board Admin Replacement, that all of you should know: Kabraxis!

      Also, we did manage to convince Cyan to come back to us after few months away and he is now back directly as full Moderator.

      You probably have noticed that we had our MOD applications opened and closed again. We received quite a few applications. Some of them, even if we did liked them a lot, we couldn't unfortunately hire the players. Just to explain this a little more, we always look for a nice Asmos/Elyos balance among moderators as well as a variety of servers and interests in the game.

      You can see right now that we have 5 new trials: Fregion, Nirakan, Senpai, Siraya and Leo. Some of them have some moderating experience and some of them start from scratch. I'm sure though that we will see them all as full Moderators in no time!

      Keep an eye on the AION TEAM INTRODUCTION section as they will pop up to say hello any minute now!