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  • Magiisoula -

    hey m8 why i cant log in in Aion... it say me Error Data ?(

  • omg help me Please ... -

    i donated coins after i bought gold packs 2 gold pak i have in inventary i have ised 1 and ... in 2 days when i go in game ... am just vrong klick in my inventary on gold pack and i active this too .. can help me abaut it ? :()() my character name = PwnYou

  • vasilis -

    hi!! I have an account on which you can not log in because I do not have a username and only remember the character's name (rodika) class:chanter I want to tell me the e-mails I have given on this account

  • [NICK]flipdascrip -

    HI.I cannot go to step 3 in the Campaign The Four Hearts.I did what i was asked and there is no cotinuing to the quest and it leads me nowhere.The quest don't say nothing that after i finish the 2nd step,where to go or what to do.Please help me.

    Thank you!

  • priesstmaster -

    Hi, I have a problem with the new graphics update 3.0 and earlier does not happen, I see far alos online or npc characters and the terrain becomes pastels and I'm moving to aver as 5 meters start and start all aver the ground as is and characters and once gone away and not see them only when I am getting closer and I would like that happens. (I have it on default and custom)


  • Obsidikar -

    Szia én nem is tom hogy jutottam el ide ,de megláttam hogy egy magyar web szerkesztő is dolgozik itt.
    Elsősorban kérdeznék ha lehet .Lényegében a vetrán acc-ok fórumúról nehezen vettem ki az angolt de webfordítással olvasható lett valamennyire.Azt kérdezném hogy akik vettek már gold accot mint én de startéra helyeztek át de mivel volt pénzem még ami félre tettem abból vettem gold accot megint .
    Valaki azt mondta ha veszek két gold accot megint veterán leszek hogy igaz vagy sem nem tudom.

    Biztos sok a dolgod majd írsz valamit erre a kérdésekre