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    Hi, I saw your guide for ranger on forum few days ago and i have some questions if u dont mind help me a bit.

    I am playing ranger on Deyla server.

    My lvl its 72 now, i have full AP 75 set at+0 and as bow +15 priga cutting edge fused with lvl 75AP one.

    My headache its that i dont know what manastones to put on my armour set to boost best dmg in pvp.

    My creation points are on Power and Accuracy (Power 42, Accuracy 30)

    Its any way to find a better way of comunication? like whatsapp or facebook? I am not a stressfull guy, i have 40 years old ,5years old doghter , wife , work ...bla bla so my free time its kinda limited.

    Thanks in advance

    Best Regards