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  • [NICK]mrazvan -

    I took down feather att +4 in coop 2 die faster and it disapeared. When ill have it back?

  • Tarakan -

    Hi Seven...Can you help me with my veteran account ? someone have deleted my all 8 chars. :(
    Havent been online for 1.5 year.

    Support on the aion site dont work for me at all..Can log in but then its kicks me back out to login page again:(

    Here is my mail.. [url=''][/url]

    Using w8.1 pro


  • gsa08121974 -

    Hello. I can't come the sub@ login and the password. In game not on a site. What's the problem? Login gsa08121974

  • Devdi -

    hey guys the fcking aion locked my rubbish ranger on level 65...LEVEL SIXTYFIVEEEEEE!!!

  • Tricks -

    Cheers for the quick answer there :)

  • [NICK]carmasa -

    I appreciate your hard work, intelligence, and hastey responses to threads with questions. Keep up the great work, you're probably the best thing that's happened to the Aion forum community since launch.