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  • [NICK]venkata -

    Hello i have problem 2 weeks with my old internet company i was disconect every 2 5 10 min but now i am with new internet company and when i try login in aion i resive message you have limmited access to connect server and i cant login to the game this is somnthing like bann is not my fold for the bad internet company i have try support tickets and steel nothing pls any asist ty :P Love AION

  • [NICK]tenctun -

    So yea vian you work in gameforge support and i have problm with aion acc i didnt play a lot of time on my account buda123 pw is ...... btw problm is go to my account i go to write pin and i says that it not my pin i go on aion site and pres pin reset then i go to my email of facebook i think that there is my aion account but its not man plss help i realy dont know how to acces to account i post on support they say that they think that i am not owner of account dude i will say anyhitng u neeed about account aynhitng it seems to me that i wast 1 year and half aion gaming plss dude help me :* :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

  • [NICK]haohei -

    Hello Vian,
    i have sent you an e-mail,all i want to know is if you got it.I know you have a lot of things to do,thats why i do not want to spam.Thank you in advance Vian.

  • [NICK]czajnik -

    Hi i send u mail can u answer me PLZ i need help

  • [NICK]dexterlol -

    can u please answer my ticcket at support.aionfreetoplay i have been waiting almost 5 days i even opened 2 ticket so far hoping for answer but still no answer



  • Makarov -

    Since i can't give you a normal warning. Please don't abuse the report button. This might result in a permanent ban for your account, and could also endanger your game account if this keeps happening.
    Have a nice day.

  • [NICK]royinn -


    Just wanted to say thanks for helping me before in Customer Support, I really appreciate it <3!
    Here's one of my favourite videos [url][/url]