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  • angellin -

    Hi Alu, i play in Infinity under Bogdanutz user. I wrote a few days ago on the forum for a good rotation in pve instances, and nothing sure, and yesterday Kroata told me that you are a very good player with sorcerer, so i'm asking you, can you help me with some photos or idk to improve my rotation skills on my sorcerer?
    Ty for your support

    • Alucinor -

      Flame fusion always on boss (as it lowers magic defence =/= its as if youd have more magic attack) Summon heat, even inbetween nukes (you can also autoattack with canceled motion ONLY after summon heat) nuke setup chain skill = Flame fusion, Cyclone, Hellflame, Glacial + flame spray (Doesn't matter which order as long as flame fusion is first) you also wanna use magma eruption and the roller one as often as you can, as they are also high Grade. In this patch you do not need to use Refrecting Shard as often as in earlier patches at all. Stigma build for me is : Glacial, Flame Spray, Summon rock ---- Cyclone, Boon of speed and ice harpoon. Only use ice harpoon when you have Casting buff on as otherwise its slow cast, use Fire harpoon instead when no casting boost is on. On FIRE harpoon... ONLY use that + the second on the chain, Always skip the 3rd chain skill, as it has very slow motion to what the dmg potential is, fire harpoon + second chain, then Summon heat to cancel out the 3rd chain one. Ill try to send you some rotation details on runs with screencaps

    • Alucinor -

      If you have Arcane Growth, or whatever assist skill you have, start any boss with popping Vaizel, Arcane + vision.. Then Summon heat, Then Flame fusion and all nukes (and flame roller + magma) with having 1x summon heat inbetween them... Then re-cast FLAME FUSION always when its OFF cd. Normally when no nuke is out of cd, its mainly Flame fusion, summon heat, fire harpoon + 1st chain, soul strike (as its decent Dmg with low cast) and repeat infinitum

    • Alucinor -

      When im online and not instantly pulled into doing something, we can group up and go Spar on training dummies so you can see what i do and i can link you the rotation afterwards from ARM.

  • Khal -

    Marry me! <3

    • Alucinor -

      Sure, for 1bil ^3*