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  • eliashvili -

    sita i need your help when i enter game and write psw and login game is banned me and need this fix

  • Penumbra -

    Please clear your convs... I want to write you :P

    • Sita -

      Thanks for the reminder was overdue ;)

  • Kenziaczek -

    Hello :)
    Any info if we gonna have server maintance od thursday?

    • Sita -

      there won't be any maintenance this week - resets will be as every wednesday

    • Kenziaczek -

      ok thx. Pity that nb write about this on forum :)
      And do you know maybe sth about anu droop boost?

  • Zorkas -

    Hello please can you tell me when rangers going to be fixed from running skills bugs like silence and lethal arrow? The player while moving stuck in this skill like 3 seconds.

  • saturnine -

    Hello. do you know approximately when daily maintenance will end?

  • Define -


  • Hostisinfanticus -

    I really dont understan your position, whatever I post, I am getting censored and banned. Let me explain you few things. 1st I am whale. 2nd. I used and I am using exploits. You probably not heard about stel rake ehhxploit, udas temple exploit, both of them gave me almost trillion of quinas. There are currently some xploits left, not as so much profitable, but fine. And your behavior, doesnt make me want to cooperate with you even a bit. So I better cease these unnecessary actions, they are fun, but not worthy. Keep on, whatever you will nerf, Its 2 late. From russia with love :D and yes, i am not this stupid to enhance gears for 150kk or 8 euro per lvl. Cheers

  • Nagrio -

    Hahah your new gif is awsome.

    • Sita -

      I got it from twinkle, I love it

  • Amazeballs -

    Are you the higher up senpai keeps mentioning?

    • Sita -

      as fregion mentioned on the board:

      The hierarchy of our Forum is the following:
      [*]Community Manager
      [*]Board Administrator
      [*](Super Moderator)
      [*]Trial Moderator

      If you need to complain about a behavior/decision of any of the Staff Members, please contact the level above them.

      So yes, I am the highest ranked volunteer - Galeas is our all "Boss" as Community Manager

      edit : you can find the link to the community guidelines in my signature

    • Niv -

      What do you mean volunteer? You are not getting paid?

    • Sita -

      That's exactly it - the Moderators / Board Administrator are Volunteers - in fact players, with regular jobs and stuff :D
      (I work at an IT company in support for basic enterprise applications)
      The only one that is a gameforge employee is the Community Manager - which is for our community Galeas :D