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  • pembalutcoy -

    how tu register? im not login that game so closed server ? answer me fast

  • Kegi -

    Noooo :( . It's a shame you are leaving. We do appreciate your work and effort although it probably doesn't always show. I wish you all good for whatever challenges the future brings to you! Thanks for all the things you've done for us and hope you are happy in your next assignment ^^

    • anemsalok -

      Awww thank you Kegi, means a lot =)

  • Lord Fren -

    <3 We all love you

    • anemsalok -

      No, you don't but good try!

    • Lord Fren -

      I do... Stop complaining and accept my Love! :D

  • Sita -

    oh bestest COMA ever please let us worship you!

    • anemsalok -

      Thank you, I feel much better now! xD