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  • Mary -

    Vova coins ??? Kinah ??? Honor Points ??? Manastones ??? Enchantment % success ??? Luna rewards ?? New Daevanion Skills of some classes are not working correctly . Where are you Gameforge ??? When are you gonna fix all of this problems ??? What do you want ?? Euro only to put you into work and fix things ?? Shame on you !!! You dont think before you act , this reduce on the kinah sell is redicilus , We make 1/10 of what we spend . FIX THIS OR THE GAME WILL BE DEAD SOON ENOUGH . PPL dont have enough kinah to press enchant or to craft or to Teleport! Gold packs dont WORK . YET ANOTHER TIME YOUR INABILITY TO MAKE THE GAME GREAT AGAIN IS SHOWN TO THE MAXIMUM . SHAME

  • pembalutcoy -

    how tu register? im not login that game so closed server ? answer me fast

  • Korgi -

    Noooo :( . It's a shame you are leaving. We do appreciate your work and effort although it probably doesn't always show. I wish you all good for whatever challenges the future brings to you! Thanks for all the things you've done for us and hope you are happy in your next assignment ^^

    • anemsalok -

      Awww thank you Kegi, means a lot =)

  • Lord Fren -

    <3 We all love you

    • anemsalok -

      No, you don't but good try!

    • Lord Fren -

      I do... Stop complaining and accept my Love! :D

  • Sita -

    oh bestest COMA ever please let us worship you!

    • anemsalok -

      Thank you, I feel much better now! xD