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  • Stify -

    you dont checked kill traders in pvp event ?

    • Galeas -

      If you have any report of a possible abuse of the game of any sort, please send it to our support.

    • Ncx -


  • ItsYourFaultNotMine -


    • Galeas -

      We can't help you with this case. This kind of things are handled by support and support only. Just as a reminder, it is not allowed to speak about support cases on the forum. Thank you for your understanding.

  • nigthlore -

    Do you think it may be possible to have a button for if you wish to just play PvE or PvP. Not combining them which is a pain in the butt. Solo players don't stand any chance against a horde of the opposing team. To become invisible to PVP players when playing would be a great idea. Then we can carry on and just take in the sites around the game.

  • Frankassa -

    Just saying if you gonna merge new servers with old ones, a lot of ppl will leave this game so think twice

  • [NICK]aulia -

    watch the video and read the comments before your team comes up with ideas that are so bad...