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  • Hatsuo -

    thanks for kindly response

    • Galeas -

      you're welcome :)

  • Daywalker -

    And second question: the character transfers will be take place tomorrow?

    • Galeas -

      You can apply already but it will only start on 09.01.2019 ;)

    • Daywalker -

      Thx for response m8

  • Daywalker -

    [Event] Snow in Atreia was active right now but in 19.12 maintanence notes is says will be axtivated. is it a different event?

  • Paullus -

    Hello. From [Event] Welcome, new Daeva! can we keep NPC for 1 day more i still have <[Event] Bouquet of Illusion> to exchange. Thx very much.

  • [NICK]arcibaldss -

    Any box / chest / cube that you need to open is empty ( vanishes ) no loot after today's patch . affected instances Mirash / Luna instances / Narakali / Cube instance what i gathered so far .

  • Vashiro -

    Just ignore sywo's video. lol.

  • [NICK]Yuih -

    Maybe you could hire him. Prob GameForge could revive.

  • Rinnie -

    the announcement about the 15% increase in kinah sales to npc is worded wrong and will be misinterpreted, can you fix that? everyone thinks its 15% more than current value (1000 kinah now = 1150 kinah after fix) while in reality it will be 1000 now and 3000 after fix

  • Stify -

    support team 24/7 online?

  • Mary -

    The Daevanion TEmplar skill Comrad Aegis (new Bodygaurd) doesnt work properly , it supposed to give 8% attack or magic attack and it doesnt.
    Also how we are supposed to keep rank when we cannot farm the HP that the system needs to let you keep it ???
    What is going on with the % of the drop rate for manastones/transformations potions / kinah and items to sell ???
    The nerf that you made on the kinah from the selling items isnt helping the players at all, we spend way more than the kinah we make during the week , especially now that is the begining of the new patch. Fix this or the game will be dead sooner than you think.

  • Zorkas -

    Hello sir, I am first time posting here. I would like to mention that rangers have some bugs while using skills like silence arrow lethal and some more while walking that coz the player to stuck.

    In addition siege in hellion server is way unfair due to lack of asmodians.

    If I notice anything more I would post to you to keep game as smooth as possible.


  • Konstantinos -

    Do you have any info about the new client because we have slow connections and we are return users. if y post it today or tomorrow

    • Galeas -

      Definitely not today. Tomorrow during the maintenance.

    • Konstantinos -

      Thanks i have 5.8 do You know how many GB to update it to 6.0? My connection sux 500kb/sec max

  • ItsYourFaultNotMine -


    • Galeas -

      We can't help you with this case. This kind of things are handled by support and support only. Just as a reminder, it is not allowed to speak about support cases on the forum. Thank you for your understanding.

  • nigthlore -

    Do you think it may be possible to have a button for if you wish to just play PvE or PvP. Not combining them which is a pain in the butt. Solo players don't stand any chance against a horde of the opposing team. To become invisible to PVP players when playing would be a great idea. Then we can carry on and just take in the sites around the game.

  • Frankassa -

    Just saying if you gonna merge new servers with old ones, a lot of ppl will leave this game so think twice