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Sin 6.0



Prometun stats ?



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Ereskighal merge



Ereskighal Server Transfer



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  • Desperation -

    Liked Neverfelt’s post in the thread YES or NO 6.2 Brand NEW SERVER OPEN ?.

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    @Galeas @Gameforge it's not too late to abandon the idea of 2nd new server, hear the playerbase for once! More players will come for 6.2 thats a fact, we all know it, but i doupt all these will stay... Truth is the more i dig in 6.2 the more things i see…
  • Vichel1 -

    Replied to the thread Sin 6.0.

    The flower event, although it finishes tomorrow so you better be fast. You need 6000 flowers for a weapon or wings.
  • Sirkka -

    Replied to the thread Prometun stats ?.

    Quote from Keymaker: “Wow, as a tech I find it hard enough to find a non-selfish cleric for prometun. ” Roll on magic leather instead and solve all your problems. Nobody plays gunner anyway.
  • Lemonzz -

    Replied to the thread Prometun stats ?.

    Quote from Goldiy: “This information has nothing to do in a completly different forum and i got banned 8 times to be exact ^^ ” I am still banned on german forum.
  • Kuroiz -

    Replied to the thread [Question Thread] Quick Question => Short answer.

    unknown.pngCan someone explain what is this illusion buff ? :/
  • Erik -

    Liked Galeas’s post in the thread The Daeva's Tavern - 4.

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    Check out our video and learn more about the launch of AION 6.0
    Greetings, Daeva! Welcome to another episode of ‘The Daeva's Tavern’. In episode 4, Jojo and Galeas play hosts to a very special guest.…
  • Grainder -

    Replied to the thread Sin 6.0.

    Quote from Vichel1: “Get dagger from event. Wether you decide dagger/dagger or dagger/sword you are using a dagger so cant go wrong with it. ” What evemt and wht dagger please?