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Pinned 6.2 First Info






can't complete campaign quest



Where are my 2 transformation scrolls?



Aion 6.2 feedback execution



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  • roflatgf -

    Replied to the thread 6.2 First Info.

    @Galeas I cannot agree with you for the transformation potions drop ... for 10 hours farm I got 3 potions only from GoK ... low level transformation potions (wonder why their class id FOOD lol ) should be available in game as other items for drop ...…
  • roflatgf -

    Replied to the thread 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS.

    Cannot combine minions taken in 5.8 ... have plenty class C and B ,... @Galeas Still waiting for my mail with Code ... not received at all ...
  • [NICK]cathyz999 -

    Replied to the thread can't complete campaign quest.

    Same here i got disconnected, lost the transform and the fruit to re apply it. Did look my inventory several times, but no it was gone. Did manage get to last boss but did die several times. So now i need to wait +14 hours to play my mainquest and my…
  • Griver83 -

    Replied to the thread Where are my 2 transformation scrolls?.

    Quote from Galeas: “Yes it will be done by the end of the week. I'll precise when I have a definitive answer. ” Thanks, we will wait) P.S. Still no e-mail from ncsoft))
  • Nuke -

    Replied to the thread Aion 6.2 feedback execution.

    With transformation scrolls they simply created a problem to then sell you the solution
  • Alibi -

    Replied to the thread Aion 6.2 it's Good but Not Perfect.

    Boys just @Galeas when you post these things about transformations. Pretty sure the more we do it the more they will hurry.
  • Rett -

    Replied to the thread Aion 6.2 it's Good but Not Perfect.

    Just to clarify: So speed was nerfed and boosts too? Only transformations are there? Am I right? (I quit long time ago just jump(ed) in time to time, I made an appearance last year or something)
  • Hakurin -

    Replied to the thread Aion 6.2 it's Good but Not Perfect.

    Quote from faker: “Does anyone know any way to get glory points? ” Siege. As for the transformations, the most sensible solution would be to give us 1 ancient transform per account. Or alternatively run healing camp event if those scroll boxes still…
  • Pericol -

    Replied to the thread Question [Question Thread] Quick Question => Short answer.

    U get email if u have same adres for account
  • Nagrio -

    Liked Neverfelt’s post in the thread Poor quality of recent NPC voice lines.

    Like (Post)
    " What can Goldrinyerk do for you? Everything has a price. " I still have nightmares... :| :| :|