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New Class For Me


Any ETA on fixing cross server issues?



Daeva Skills low rate problem



plz add more entry to holy tower / naratalli per week .. 4 run per week is very low amount of entry



Daevanion Skills Community Guide (DSCG)



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  • prospectbg87 -

    Posted the thread New Class For Me.

    Hello guys , this is a new class for me so i have a couple off questions. PvE Build what stigmas to use ? PvE Weapon ? PvP Stigmas & Weapon ??? Do i need to use orb or spellbook becouse as i look orb have better dmg so better dps or i have mistake…
  • Griver83 -

    Replied to the thread Any ETA on fixing cross server issues?.

    Quote from Psycho: “Quote from Senpai: “Quote from PapaSchultz: “how is it possible that ru/na have faster bug fixes than eu? ” ” ” Becouse Ru and NA not so lazy other publishers works faster :D
  • Appelsap -

    Replied to the thread Daeva Skills low rate problem.

    Hello people 2 month has passed yet no singel daeva drop for me xD im still stuck with the ancient if legendary daeva drops it happends 14 times i only roll 30's so balanced gf i wanna thank you for the best game experience rng made me bleed out of my…
  • Al aire libre Quote from Twardy: “I will tell you how we do it in my legion. We are doing HT/nara on alts first. When something good drops for our mains we pass the loot and come to the instance on our main and pick up the item. ” How does this work…
  • PapaSchultz -

    Replied to the thread Any ETA on fixing cross server issues?.

    Quote from Senpai: “Quote from PapaSchultz: “3 weeks to fix a simple bug for a low level instance entry? seriously i think you don't realize how important this is, specially in addition to all other things we are missing IG ” Did you not read what…
  • Burakidiosu -

    Replied to the thread Daevanion Skills Community Guide (DSCG).

    @Enaris Thank you for the detailed reply, much appreciated! @Rym Thank you for pointing that out. I am aware of the fact that multiple good (and bad) descriptions of the daevanion skills can be found online. I simply felt this as more approachable.
  • Lahire -

    Liked Rym’s post in the thread No Maintenance again?.

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    Quote from Alucinor: “Quote from Lemonzz: “nearly 2 months passed without platinerk, hero trials and decent events (ok...the buff from halloween event was nice) and we get 2 transformation contracts each week as compensation which, who wouldve…
  • Colombiana -

    Replied to the thread Weekly Shop Discussion Topic.

    @Parra I really dont wanna complain about this NA or RU. I just give simple suggestion for something. I open around 100 special scrolls open all normal large try 2 time fusion large no ancient nvm about all that. Just simple if i buy 50 100 maybe they…
  • Yumichan -

    Liked Doombolt’s post in the thread No Maintenance again?.

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    Frankly, I don't even care if they do maintenance or not. All I care is see them doing something to keep the game alive. But that's too naive of me.
  • Quote from Rym: “6.5 will be released somewhere around February. ” im pretty sure after new year we will notice a big drop in overall population. i believe people are waiting until then, specialy the returnee, to see some kind of change, if not, they…